Meet Your Support Team

Alelí Lauria
Behind-the-scenes Wizard

Alelí is our behind-the-scenes wizard. From (wo)manning our inbox to shipping apothecary orders, Alelí is the unseen magic behind most our doings. If you reach out to us via email Alelí will be right there to answer your questions. With over four years of experience as a student, apprentice and employee of One Willow Apothecaries, Alelí knows the material inside and out and is here to support you on your journey.

Alelí’s dance between the right and left parts of her brain creates a beautiful balance of creativity and organization. She’s like a standing stone: she weaves the invisible threads that hold space for magic to happen while staying rooted and grounded. She loves color, tarot, archetypes and symbols, traveling, collaging, making up words in English and Spanish (her second and first languages), getting lost in translation and walking the bridge between the visible and invisible worlds.

Andrés Sanchez
Communication Angel

Andrés is one of our Communication Angels here at One Willow. He offers a wealth of knowledge rooted in personal development, training and education, and positivity. Andrés has always been both a student of life and a teacher at heart. He is passionate about nurturing a reciprocal healing relationship with the earth, tending the magic bestowed to us by our ancestors, and sharing authentic connections. Andrés loves creating medicine with words, plants, crystals, music and movement. His practice of self-love involves lots of running, cooking like a Mexican abuelita (he’ll keep giving you food even if you’re full) and planning the next phase of his botanical sleeve tattoo.

Shannon Nichole
Communication Angel

As a true believer in One Willow’s philosophy that everything, and everyone, is medicine, Shannon is delighted to be here for you as a Communication Angel. Following her passion for self-compassion, Shannon has studied and practiced counseling in various holistic, expressive, and client-centered traditions. As a Communication Angel for One Willow, Shannon weaves together her love for Earth, magic, medicine, communication, and the human spirit. When she isn’t answering emails or providing warm support in our online learning courses Shannon loves coffee, sunrises, wood fires, stories, and sharing experiences with others.

Kira Suler
Website architect and Design Mystic

Kira is our in-house designer and is responsible for all the beauty in this website as well as within all our online courses. With a degree in graphic design from UCLA Kira is like the ultimate pocket knife macgyver for all things art and loveliness-related. She’s a print maker, silk screener, painter, photographer, website builder, image manipulator, wood worker, branding nymph, illustrator, logo creator, and world constructor. Kira has been the visionary behind One Willow’s cozy, tea-house interior since the beginning (and, yes, Asia and Kira are sisters!)