What Really Matters

Hardship distills our perception. It’s strange, but true. Looking back on the hardest eras of my life— those defined by chronic pain and illness— what stands out is not the complexity (though it felt completely unsolvable at the time), but the vivid clarity that eventually rose up like a groundswell, delivering me to the…

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Intuition Lives in the Earth

Every year that I’ve opened this course, I’ve seen powerful magic happen. People hearing messages from the trees. Affirmations from a winged one that brings tears. A sign from the living world that shifts your whole life into perspective. I used to think intuition was an ethereal thing— available to only a few, and…

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The Spirit Guide That Never Leaves You

It’s hard to do life alone. The toughest things I’ve been through were so painful, not just because of the challenges, but because of how alone I felt in meeting them. Since time immemorial humans have looked to wiser beings during hard times for companionship and support. Today, we often conceive of these guides as off-planet…

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What is your Earth Healing archetype?

You are utterly unique. On the day you came here, the pattern of the cosmos above you and the unweighable spark of your soul coalesced to send you like a shooting star into this world. A one-time event that brings with it a portend of great healing. You carry a gift within you. And…

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Why it’s Okay to Feel Everything

As beautiful as spring is, it doesn’t arrive gently. The transition from late winter into early spring is one of seesawing extremes. Freezing nights and warm afternoons; buckets of rain and the hard snap of ice. Lately, the changing moodiness of early spring seems to match the ebb and swell within me. Like most…

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The Bravest Prayer

The other day I went for a walk up to the ridgeline. Sometimes I’m so lost in thought I barely notice the views around me, but this day I actually paused at the top. As I came out of my thought-filled haze, I realized just how far I could see. Out past our cove and for…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

The Best Way To Honor Your Ancestors

I always seem to have big things happen in autumn. Job changes, new relationships, the passing of loved ones, windfalls, leases and losses. I used to think it was just random— but now I know that the constellation of your life simply becomes more malleable this time of the year. In part, because the…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Water Magic

The oldest magic on Earth never died. It’s still flowing down the hillsides, literally falling from the sky. Before humans worked with plants or stones, the first source of medicine was water. Across my ancestral lands— the British Isles and European continent— some of the oldest sites of worship are springs, uprisings from the Earth…

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Autumn is the Dying

If Winter means death, then Autumn is the dying. In our culture, death is often synonymous with dread. Like late blight to tomatoes, it seems devastatingly final and achingly unfair. But the idea that dying is an event to be feared is a very human story, and one we have only recently started…

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