This Took Me Ten Years to Write

I’m still a bit in wonder that this day is actually here. My first book Mirrors in the Earth is officially available for pre-order! By the time this book arrives on June 28th it will have been ten years since I started it. I still remember that first day vividly. I had taken my tiny laptop to…

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Tree Rituals for a Rich Life

I was walking the perimeter of an ancient stone circle when I saw it— a dark grove of trees festooned with color. The grass ahead was flattened into a silver ribbon, a footpath made by pilgrims as they circumnavigated the ancient landscape. Curious, I followed the path straight into the grove. The air was…

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Plants Help you Come Home

It had been hours and my newborn daughter was still crying. Her wails had started to fray the edges of my mind, and a part of me was collapsing inwards. Around midnight I tried one last thing. I grabbed handfuls of rose petals, chamomile and lavender to steep while the bath ran. When…

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What your Favorite Flower Says About You

I hadn’t stepped foot outside in weeks. Freshly post-partum, I’d been nestled in bed since my daughter’s birth. Since that time we’d already seen several snows, and at least one night when our pipes froze solid, but today the sun was shining. Today, the first daffodils were blooming, and every fiber of my body was yearning…

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Your Business is your Spirit Guide

The early morning frost crunched underfoot as I climbed up the hill. I puffed past the sleeping rhododendrons until I reached the overlook. Every morning I came up here—jacket slung over my nightgown— to speak my gratitudes aloud before I started my day. This particular morning my stomach was churning. Today, I was officially…

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A Reading for 2022

A great plain stretches as far as your eye can see. It is vast, rippling like the coat of a golden-colored horse, and full of open possibility. Fly up and you can peer far into the distance— farther than you’ve ever seen. Float down, and you will see more intricacy. Nestled in the grass, delicate…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

Bring your twinkle back

The world is opening up. Like a soft pink sky glimpsed after a storm, we are beginning to enter the time called “after”—  and yet a lot of days it’s hard to know just how to be in this new-old world. Lately I’ve had more dinners, parties, and adventures than I’ve had in the…

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Summer’s Fullness

On the other side of the strawberry moon, after the late spring blossoms of Beltane and the thick pulses of Hawthorn blooms arises a season that weaves itself around the helm of a single word – fullness. At this point in the season the full arrival of summer is undeniable. Roses are spilled like…

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