What is your Second Song?

I’m sitting in a dark room nursing my daughter. It’s midday or it’s midnight and I’m here in the room because it’s the only place where she’ll settle. I’m here because I need to be. I’m here because there’s nowhere else to be. I’m here in a dark room singing the second song of my life….

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Why the Earth Created You

I’ve always known I was sensitive. As a kid I often felt deeply affected by things others seemed to take in stride. Like sleepovers. I still remember how hard they were. Long after everyone else had fallen sleep I would be lying immobile in my sleeping bag, staring at the ceiling and praying for dawn,…

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How to Embrace your Destiny

I was laying on my back with the windows open to the summer breeze. The coolness of the evening was just beginning to settle into the crease of the mountain and the scent of basil was still on my hands from the garden. It was one of those moments— quiet, complete, and rare— when you…

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What Happened After my Book Came Out

For years I’ve watched other authors build up to the release of their books and wondered…. what happens after?  What happens when the project you’ve poured your whole heart into finally arrives into the world?  Now that my own book Mirrors in the Earth has come out, I can tell you. A few books arrived a day early,…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

Hellebore in snow

The Feminine Mysteries of Winter

I walked up the fog-laden path. I could hear sheep grazing nearby, but couldn’t see them through the thick wool of the clouds. I knew I was getting close because the air itself seemed to still. Then, out of the mists, arose the mound, an outcropping of stone associated with the most ancient Goddess of…

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The Slow Dark Enchantment

Real magic takes time… and a lot of it. Like crystals growing in the deep, the biggest miracles often form far beneath the surface, and need a long fertile stretch of darkness before they can come to light. When the possibility of magic is afoot we will often be asked to slow down so immensely…

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A Snow Globe, Shook

I was watching a cat, calico and sunning herself on the metal roof of our shed, when the weather suddenly shifted. One moment the light was grazing contentedly upon the emptied winter landscape and the next, the whole earth had clouded over with snow. Moody and feline, more than falling, the thick flurries raced…

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