Exotic LA

It was the beginning of August and I was home for a hurried weekend before I rushed off once again to foreign lands. This time, I was traveling to LA. My family had rented a house up on the high bluff of Pacific Palasaides so we could spend time with my sister in…

Weaving a Pack Basket

Recently I had the spectacular opportunity to learn how to weave a Black Ash pack basket. There were a few variants in the weaving technique (regular loose plaiting at the base, hexagonal plaiting up the body, and a dash of weaving) but, all you really need to know is this: stars. If you can…

Practicing Relaxing

It’s been over a month since I last posted. There are always a million reasons why you let something fall by the wayside. Most of the time, though, it boils down to this: I was too busy. This past month, however, I’ve been trying to rewrite that old tale. I have been busy, of course….

Most Beloved