Finding Rainbows In Storms

A month ago I got a new rattle in the mail. A natural gourd painted with running horses, the rattle seemed like the perfect companion to take with me on my upcoming heritage trip to Europe. Like drums, rattles can help deepen the trance states needed for shamanic journeying. After unpacking, I decided to…

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What Your Body Needs To Hear

One day, when I was in the midst of Lyme disease, I experienced a shamanic journey that changed my life. I had gone into the journey to understand more about my illness but ended up meeting a part of myself I never knew existed. I still remember the moment when the drumming began. I…

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You Are An Oracle

As impossible as it sounds— spring is already budding out here in the mountains. The vanilla of the snowdrop’s blossoms are melting and the crocuses have begun singing loudly from the lawn. The breeze is easeful, like a warm hand resting in the nook of your back. There is a soft persistence to these…

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The Earth is your Valentine

In English we only really have one word for love. In Ancient Greek, however, there was a whole vocabulary to describe the wondrous variety of love that we can experience on this planet. There was philia for friendship love, stroge for the love of one’s kin and, of course, the infamous eros, that burning…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

How Invasives Help Us to Love Ourselves

It’s become a green wonderland here in the mountains. The basil is bunching out in the garden, weeding is now a daily activity, and last year’s daylilies are starting to bloom. But for all the plants that are welcomed, prized, and cultivated, there are an equal amount of herbs in that dreaded category of…

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Summer’s Fullness

On the other side of the strawberry moon, after the late spring blossoms of Beltane and the thick pulses of Hawthorn blooms arises a season that weaves itself around the helm of a single word – fullness. At this point in the season the full arrival of summer is undeniable. Roses are spilled…

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