Why I Believe

Since time immemorial this season has asked us to believe. As the days whittle down to their shortest points in the Northern hemisphere, belief is the fuel that burns the brightest, keeping the heart alight while we wait for the return of the light. The Winter Solstice was the most important yearly earth event…

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Why Vaginal Health Issues Manifest

I spent years of my life struggling with mysteriously unsolvable vaginal health issues. First, it was chronic yeast infections. No matter what prescription I used, whether it was given to me by my gynecologist or a clinical herbalist, the infections never seemed to get better. Then, it was a chronic pain condition call vulvodynia. At…

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Returning To Life

The bright copper of October has finally faded into the brown of November. There are more leaves on the ground then the trees now. When I walk my dog we kick them up in great fluffy piles. Like autumn butterflies, each leaf shows me what transformation can look like. Every season tells an invisible,…

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Ten Ways To Celebrate Samhain

Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is the traditional Celtic holiday of death, endings, beginnings and visionary magic. Straddling the transition from fall into winter, Samhain marks the start of the Celtic calendar year. Considered to be a time when the boundaries between the worlds dissolve, during Samhain the unseen energies of the earth are more apparent…

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Ancestral Herbalism

Once upon a time all of us were indigenous. At some point in the past we all had ancestors who came from a very particular place, a land where our stories lived, where we birthed our babies and buried our grannies, a place where we picked the herbs that healed the hurt and gave…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

How Invasives Help Us to Love Ourselves

It’s become a green wonderland here in the mountains. The basil is bunching out in the garden, weeding is now a daily activity, and last year’s daylilies are starting to bloom. But for all the plants that are welcomed, prized, and cultivated, there are an equal amount of herbs in that dreaded category of…

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Summer’s Fullness

On the other side of the strawberry moon, after the late spring blossoms of Beltane and the thick pulses of Hawthorn blooms arises a season that weaves itself around the helm of a single word – fullness. At this point in the season the full arrival of summer is undeniable. Roses are spilled…

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