Why I Didn’t “Get” Crystals at First

Growing up, I couldn’t really understand why people were into stones. I remember poking around with a friend in her gravel driveway, hunting for interesting specimens, and getting bored halfway through. As a dreamy kid who was innately resistant to all things seemingly scientific, geology felt too structured and terminology-ridden to be interesting. But,…

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The Secret to a Beautiful Garden

I love gardening, but that doesn’t mean it’s always been easy for me. Historically, I’ve been ever-so-enthusiastic about planting, and not nearly as attentive to that whole pruning and weeding bit. In the past it’s been hard for me to cull the herd, to make decisions about who stays and who goes, and to…

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Gift Yourself A Rainy Day

Normally, summertime in the mountains is marked by generous rainfall. With so much greenery, the earth here grows used to the daily drinks of thunderstorms. But recently we didn’t see a drop of rain for weeks on end. Every day was sunny, hot, and almost unbearably chipper. Each day of blue skies seemed to…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

How Invasives Help Us to Love Ourselves

It’s become a green wonderland here in the mountains. The basil is bunching out in the garden, weeding is now a daily activity, and last year’s daylilies are starting to bloom. But for all the plants that are welcomed, prized, and cultivated, there are an equal amount of herbs in that dreaded category of…

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Summer’s Fullness

On the other side of the strawberry moon, after the late spring blossoms of Beltane and the thick pulses of Hawthorn blooms arises a season that weaves itself around the helm of a single word – fullness. At this point in the season the full arrival of summer is undeniable. Roses are spilled…

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