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Alexandra Macdonald
This is a beautiful, rich and informative course for highly sensitive, creatively gifted and ethically conscious souls who may need the permission to consider offering their gifts to the world in a more confident, coherent and suitably savvy way.
Amanda Midkiff
[This course] puts the entire experience of starting a business within a framework that feels nourishing and possible. Even just hearing Asia talk about the fact that business is a spiritual journey is intensely affirming of the marathon of challenges and angst that come from this work. Running a business is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and Asia’s teaching has helped me to see the struggle in an affirming way.
Ashley Lynn
Business as a Spiritual Journey is a fantastic course. [Through this program] I was great to be able to discover new parts of myself and my business through a feminine & spiritual way, like meditating, journaling, and gentle self inquiry. The whole energy dynamic behind what I do and how I initiate my business has changed to be much lighter and fun!
Cat Shepard
I have owned several versions of my own business for over 30 years. This has been one of the most helpful and enlightening journeys I have experienced for growing my business in my own way that has crossed my path.
Elizabeth Barth
This course is a profoundly beautiful way to plan and start your business. It gives you the tools to work from abundance, with creativity, and infused with spirit. If all businesses were created using these tools the world and collective happiness would look so different.
Elizabeth Whittenhall
Go for it! The content is so worth it. Asia has such a sweet, gentle approach and the classroom is a calm, safe place to explore your business. It really makes the scary, unknown, and even frustrating parts of business seem much less daunting and stressful. You don't have to do your business alone!
[This] course has helped me think deeper about who and what it is that my business and I are channeling. If you have ever doubted your spirit or SPIRIT talking to you through your business, struggled to show up, questioned who you are channeling, felt stuck navigating your business' focus/daily choices/flow, or felt odd about your offerings, this course is incredibly worth participating in.
Emily Butler
Asia Suler is one of those rare souls who combines the deepest, heart-centered ethics with highly sophisticated business acumen. In my years of being in business for myself, I have never met anyone like Asia. I highly recommend this course to both new entrepreneurs, and seasoned business pros alike, because this course fills in the meaningful dots that most traditional business courses gloss over. In her trademark way, Asia candidly addresses many of the sensitive, emotional and esoteric issues that hit empathic business owners the hardest— and she gives you empowering advice, support and solutions to help you thrive.
This course is ideal for anyone who resonates with being highly sensitive or an empath. Working through the challenges of a business can feel overwhelming at times and Asia really helped to break down the enormity into empowering, bite-sized tasks that allowed room for the processing I needed to be confident in putting myself and my business out in the world.
Jenn Campus
[Business as a Spiritual Journey] is unlike other business courses. The material really speaks to the needs of people who want to run their business from the heart, with integrity, and with the knowledge that they are serving their clients in the best way possible. The audio recordings were like sitting and having tea with a friend who has started and run a successful business. It took the mystery out of questions about how to have a successful launch, or run online courses, and hold sacred space for clients. The class addresses typical concerns that empaths have about starting and running a business. Yet, it also includes the nuts and bolts of running a business. It is the best of both worlds.
Jenna Street
You won’t find these tools anywhere else.
[This course] reminds you that what you have to say and what you are doing is unique. It has helped me overcome self worth hurdles and motivated me to just get started. Everything doesnt have to be perfect, it likely never will. Asia lifts you up and reminds you that your input matters and you already have something to offer.
Jordann Funk
Every lesson resonated with me deeply, and I gathered little, multi-faceted gems from each part. If you seek to journey deep into the subtle realms and meet the heart of your business, this class is your guide.
Hailey Holl-Valdez
I really value the approach being so attuned to highly sensitive/empathic people. [This course] felt so accessible and nurturing to who I am while at the same time imparting a lot of deep wisdom and tangible/practical considerations.
Hebe Hope
You will feel so held by Asia & her immense, grounded knowledge. Her energy is so supportive & nourishing! Her views & teachings are always refreshing & helpful.
Kat Yurchenko
[The] quality of the material and the love/energy/dedication put it is totally worth it. [Everything is] made as accessible as possible even with different types of PDFs and transcripts. I feel the care in each detail.
I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the investment - I’m at the absolute beginning of contemplating a business and am still even figuring out what I wanted it to be about. Even at this stage of development, I still got tremendous value out of it!!! Asia’s nurturing voice and humble openness will be a wonderful companion to you as you turn towards the possibility of entrepreneurship.
Kay'aleya Hunnybee
This course is made for people like us. If you're looking for a business course that opens your heart and deepens your relationship with your business rather than just giving strategies or theories, this is it. Truly, Asia's style of teaching (and being with her business) is generously heart-centered, spirit-forward, and deeply inspiring. This course has given me hope (and some faith) that becoming an entrepreneur can be a magical and soul-nourishing path. (WHAT A DEPARTURE FROM SO MANY OTHER BUSINESS COURSES)
Khrys Sionainn V
This course has encouraged a deeper understanding of my spiritual life, how it connects to my business & what it teaches me. Learning that I'm not alone and that my spiritual allies are here for my business too has been critical when the work of running a business feels overwhelming or alienating.
[In this course] Asia drew from the well of her personal, tried and true knowledge base, and gave generously from that place. Business as a Spiritual Journey with Asia Suler is a rich experience. I am confident you will find her offering relevant and valuable.
Ratu Marutle
[Though this course] you’re able to see yourself and your business in a clearer way. It has everything you need even when you didn’t realize you needed it. It inspires you to be in relationship with your business, guides, and ‘customers’. It’s a constant reminder that you’re not doing any of it alone.
Rosalyn Fay
DO IT! [This course] will make you look at business in a whole new way, as your sacred purpose and re-inspire you to get yourself out there in a way that feels aligned, authentic and in ways you can be truly proud of!
Sanne Meert
Healing Roots
Asia speaks directly to my heart and soul and the way she frames things is very recognizable in how I see and experience the world. This makes it so easy to tap into this course and just makes me want to put energy into this course and my business.
I'd recommend this course if you want to create a soaring, soul-centered business with a solid foundation. If you're feeling too sensitive or psychologically blocked to put yourself out there, this course can help keep you grounded, while freeing you from whatever is standing in your way.
Shelly George Langille
I have a good friend that I [already] recommended this course to. Here is what I said to her about it: "Asia is a master at a gentle, kind approach in revealing how our businesses are not just too 'make money'. They are our spiritual path. I'm used to hard driving, must have, must do online courses. This is a gentle, kind reveal that fills my soul.
Suneet Goomer
I really love this course. I've been running my own business for ten years, and with lockdown and some big life changes I've felt disconnected from what I was doing (which was hard as the reason I started my business was to help people). This course helped me reconnect to my work and bring focus, plus let go of somethings that were standing in my way. Perfect timing, perfect course, literally addressing all the things I've been struggling with. Thank you for offering this.
Torie Tiffany
Seeing business through a spiritual lens has given me a whole new set of tools for building a business, making me more excited, empowered, and hopeful for the journey. One experience in the course turned out to be not only extremely helpful, but also one of the most moving synchronicities I’ve ever experienced.
Tracey Bobeldyk
Elysium Mind Body Soul
I have seen and participated in spiritual business courses before and I can honestly say this was the best in content delivery and financial investment. Asia has collated the most amazing content that guides and leads you through really all you need to start your heart-centered business. Just do it!
Trinity Hart
Do it! Don't even hesitate. You're about to be reminded of the miracle of who you are. Asia's content is so inspiring and heartfelt you will find new levels of healing you didn't even know were possible for yourself.
This course really helped me see business through different eyes. If you feel worried that business takes the joy and the magic out of your work, this course will show you that the opposite is true. A heartfelt thank you to [Asia] and [her] team - you are doing really amazing work and it is obvious that you are doing it from a place of love.
Yana Crow
Y.A.N.A. Skincare
This course is a steal. I am only part way through the course, and already I have been able to work through ancient hang ups. You may be able to make a successful business without Asia’s course, but it will not be as successful, healthy, thriving, or world changing as it could be with it. With this course your business will be something that doesn’t just bring you wealth, [but] also joy and actualization. It will make you a better you, the real you, that you were always meant to be. I really can’t imagine a life where I didn’t take this course, and I don’t want to.
This course is a beautiful confirmation of a different way of approaching business that you’ve always been looking for the validation to do. You will have big sighs of relief listening to and reading this course, and feel inspired about the prospect of business as an expression of your soul, values, and spiritual growth path.