September 30th & October 1st

Kempton, PA
Join us for a very special weekend honoring the age-old wisdom of herbal and natural medicines, with Rosemary Gladstar at this year’s Keynote Speaker. Register on the Mid-Atlantic Women’s herbal conference website.
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Intuitive Plant Medicine

Our ancestors honed their intuition daily. They relied upon that innate inner sense of knowing for many aspects of living—planting, travel and most especially, healing work. Traditional plant-based medicine was not copied from books, but learned through ceremony, meditation and a deep trust in one’s instincts. The recognition and use of intuition in our modern culture has largely fallen by the wayside but, like any good tool, it can be sharpened.

In this workshop we will work on opening and fine-tuning our intuitive healing abilities, both for personal growth and within a community herbalist setting. The class will include an overview of the history of intuitive plant healing— exploring shamanism, psychedelic ceremony, and the concept of plant devas as well as contemporary modalities such as homeopathy and flower essences. As a group we will make an on-site flower essence for each participant to take home with them and walk through the process of attunement. This class is open to all. Bring paper and a pen, an open mind, and your passion for plants!


Herbs for Empowerment

An exploration of the greatest magic tool we’ve ever been handed— our own personal power. Learn about the nature of authentic power, how to hold healing boundaries, and potentize your purpose in this world. In this class we’ll connect to the herbal allies that help us to stand stronger, know ourselves deeper and tap into the deep well of our own personal power. We’ll also explore easy at-home preparations, ID tips and techniques, and meditative techniques and inner ritual. Initiate a new era of empowerment for yourself and your courageous heart. (This class could also be called Herbs for Personal Power)