September 22nd – 24th

Monroe, WA
The annual PWHC fall weekend in the woods is weaving a community of women connecting in an earth~centered, women~honoring tradition! Learn more & register on the PWHC website.

Herbs for the Heart Gate

The heart is a gateway, an interactive portal through which we can perceive the consciousness of the world around us. When we learn how to work consciously with our heart gates we can open our awareness to true states of magic and interconnection. In this class we’ll explore herbal allies for helping to tend the gateways of our hearts, addressing states of guilt, grief, and overwhelm as well as expansion, ecstasy and joy. Develop a toolkit of your post essential heart herbs and learn how to become a powerful tender of your inner-most magical tool – your heart.


Herbs for Empowerment

An exploration of the greatest magic tool we’ve ever been handed— our own personal power. Learn about the nature of authentic power, how to hold healing boundaries, and potentize your purpose in this world. In this class we’ll connect to the herbal allies that help us to stand stronger, know ourselves deeper and tap into the deep well of our own personal power. We’ll also explore easy at-home preparations, ID tips and techniques, and meditative techniques and inner ritual. Initiate a new era of empowerment for yourself and your courageous heart. (This class could also be called Herbs for Personal Power)


Flower Essence Plant Walk

A class open to children, teens and the young-at-heart of all ages.
Explore the practice of connecting with flowers and learn how to make a flower essence for healing.