Sun session ||  June 1st – 5th
Moon session ||  June 8th – 12th

Cave Junction, OR
Spirit Weavers Gathering is a five day celebration of cultures past and present, a remembering and practicing of basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul.
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Intuitive Plant Medicine  |  Friday  9:30 – 12:30 pm

Our ancestors honed their intuition daily. They relied upon that innate inner sense of knowing for many aspects of living—planting, travel and most especially, healing work. Traditional plant-based medicine was not copied from books, but learned through ceremony, meditation and a deep trust in one’s instincts. The recognition and use of intuition in our modern culture has largely fallen by the wayside but, like any good tool, it can be sharpened.

In this workshop we will work on opening and fine-tuning our intuitive healing abilities, both for personal growth and within a community herbalist setting. The class will include an overview of the history of intuitive plant healing— exploring shamanism, psychedelic ceremony, and the concept of plant devas as well as contemporary modalities such as homeopathy and flower essences. As a group we will make an on-site flower essence for each participant to take home with them and walk through the process of attunement. This class is open to all. Bring paper and a pen, an open mind, and your passion for plants!


Herbs for the Otherworld  |   Saturday 3:00 – 6:00

In Celtic philosophy it is said that the separation between this world and the Otherworld is as thin as a veil. All we have to do is peer between the weave and a whole new aspect of reality will reveal itself to us. Known as the realm of the ancestors, the fairies, and the way beyond death, the Otherworld is a place of deep and life-changing knowledge. A place of mysticism, connection and consciousness– connecting into the other Otherworld can bring untold magic into our lives. Come learn the contours of the Otherworld in this online course. Explore the plants + fungi that can help you to open the portals to this realm of mysticism, as well as medicinal preparations + practice for accessing the other world.


Plant + Stone Alchemy   |   Sunday 9:30 – 12:30 pm

Plants and stones make up the most ancient history of this world. Co-creators of landscape, ecology, and the very evolution of our planet itself– herbs and minerals have been allies since the beginning. Ancient human systems of healing arose from an intimate understanding of these two foundational medicines. When used together, plants and stones can go deeper, higher and wider than when used alone. Together, these two allies can help us to access all levels of healing—from the bedrock of our innermost selves to the highest canopy of our personal growth.

In this class we we’ll look at the deeply synergistic relationship between plant and stone medicine. As a group, we’ll explore the philosophy behind plant and stone formulations and investigate different methods of combining these allies to make potent medicinal elixirs. Come meet a core group of synergistic plants and stones to help you begin a truly alchemical medicine-making practice and open the gateways to deepen your relationship with these ancient earth allies.


Walking the Medicine Path Panel

Join a handful of wild and wise plant-folk to hear the tales of how they came to call themselves Herbalists. There is no one way to walk the Medicine Path, to practice herbalism, or to engage with plant medicine in a meaningful and reciprocal way. It is our hope that this gathering of sharing and stories will help all present to learn about and honor the many ways in which we can ally ourselves with the green world and be of service to both plants and people and inspire you to walk the path that is uniquely your own.. During this community discussion, there will be ample time for asking questions about anything and everything you’d like to know within the wide world of Plant Medicine.