We live in a world that is full of medicine.

In many creation stories, it is said that once all beings spoke the same language.
And that it wasn’t until we forgot this mother tongue that we, as human beings,
lost our understanding of our place in the weave of all things, the knowledge of our own part to play in the healing.
This course is an invitation to remember how to speak that ancient language.
The language of interconnection. Of green magic. Of intuition and spirit.
It is an invitation to learn how to communicate with the growing world and to rediscover your unique medicine.

Intuitive plant medicine is a guided initiation into becoming a plant medicine person. A rich gateway that was designed to help you reopen the pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world.

Beginning on Beltane and closing on the Solstice, this class is a portal that will help you to access deep interconnection, earth magic and the uniqueness of your own medicine.

(the medicine you are here to give to this world)

Learn about the Course

You already have everything you need to find, follow,
and embody the lit path of your own destiny.
And the living world, the plants who are our ancestors, are here to help you.


Dreamwork • Medicine Making • Earth Ritual • Shamanism • Meditation • Flower Essences • On-the-Body Healing • Plant Allies • Earth Acupuncture • Land Healing • Creative Journaling • Depth Psychology • Stone Circles & Earth Grids

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Asia! I’m an herbalist, writer, teacher, medicine maker, and seeker. And I’m here to help you remember the magic of living on earth and learn to trust the potency of your medicine gifts.

I first discovered the altar of the green world when I was in the midst of dealing with chronic pain. I often say that the world inside my body was so painful I simply had to go outside. Before I knew any plant names I started listening to the flowers and hugging the trees. And slowly something incredible started to happen. I began to heal on subtle energetic and emotional levels I never knew existed. I found a deep clarity as to my life’s purpose and path, and I began to experience magic on a daily basis.

In the decade since these first experiences with intuitive plant connection, I’ve opened a successful herbal products business, started a booming healing practice, and reached thousands of people around the world through my writings, videos, and online teaching. And all of this began by learning how to intuitively connect to the plants and be a conduit of their healing. 

Everything that I learned about intuitive medicine the plants showed me. And for the first time ever all of those teachings are collected here.

I am so honored to share every gateway that has opened for me with you.

Each week from Beltane (May 1) to the Summer Solstice (June 21) you will receive a gateway.

Within each gateway are instructional videos, guided meditations, and exploratory exercises, with a rich collection of bonus material
to help you open the portal of your own inner knowing and develop your intuitive plant practice.

The course itself is a closed container: it sets sail on a certain date and you will journey together with a sacred circle of students, supporting one another throughout the course. The program includes a moderated Facebook group, live Q&A sessions, group meditations, and interactive support from me throughout the whole learning process.

The material is specially designed and paced week by week to help you open to new realms of magic. It is an initiation that you yourself are guiding, with the support of newfound friends, allies, and comrades. And I will be there with you every step of the way.

You will also have access to the material forever, so you can continue farther down this path for many years to come. 

Get ready to harness the special magic of this time between Beltane and Summer Solstice as we open a bright new gateway together.

Course Outline

Week 1: Inviting Intuition
(May 1)

• The ten core intuition practices
• Sacred self-care foundations
• Beltane rituals + lore
• Meditation, body divination, heart perception

Week 2: Plant Allies
(May 8)

Exploring herbal medicine
• Finding a plant ally
• Botany + plant ID
• Medicine making + wildcrafting

Week 3: Shamanic Listening
(May 15)

The foundations + history of Shamanism
• Technologies of transcendence
• How to undertake a Shamanic journey
• Connecting to spirit guides
• Creativity + channeling
• Despacho + opening sacred space

Week 4: Dreaming with Plants
(May 22)

Central tenets of dream work
• Dream decoding + dreaming with plants
• How to remember your dreams
• Herbs for deep sleep + dreaming
• Facilitating dream discussion

Week 5: The Space that
Makes the Net
(May 29)

• An integration week with live
group meditation and Q&A

Week 6: Flower Essences
(June 5)

Philosophy + history of flower essences
• How to make flower essences
• Formulation + attunement
• Incorporating flower essences into
your healing practice
• Flower essence recipes

Week 7: Temple Healing
(June 12)

• On-the-body herbal treatments
• Plant bathing
• Herbal body oiling
• Flower essence acupuncture

Week 8: Land Medicine
(June 19)

• Sit spots + sacred wandering
• Place-based divination
• Earth acupuncture
• Stone circles + earth grids
• Passing on the knowledge: beginning to teach

With 16 videos,
12 prerecorded guided meditations,
over 200 pages of full-color PDFs and exploratory exercises
PLUS a wealth of bonus material from a truly incredible coven of medicine women.

Connect to the wonder of this world, and your own innate magic,
in a course that is grounded, nurturing, humorous, and full of practical tips and tools.

Come join us!



$129 in three monthly installments

or $349

Who this course is for…

Anyone who wants to explore earth healing and spirituality from a place of groundedness, humor, and empowered realness

Those who believe in earth magic and are ready to experience it deeply

Those who have been told they are intuitive or who have always felt they had a connection and are ready to truly understand how to harness this gift and understand their unique medicine

Total beginners to the herb world as well as seasoned practitioners

All those who want to open a direct channel of communication with the plant realm and are ready to expand their definition of medicine

Those who want to experience more vivid dreams, greater intuitive clarity, clear life guidance, and everyday miracles

All those interested in exploring how relationship, energy, and spirit can create change on the deepest levels

Those who are feeling the soul call to move beyond a black-and-white world into a truly numinous experience of this earth we inhabit

Who this course isn’t for…

Those who want to learn the textbook medicinal profile of every plant. This is not a training in traditional or clinical herbalism. This is a course in becoming a plant magician, an everyday intuitive, an empowered magic maker. This course is about direct revelation. And it will provide the training and inspiration to help you interact directly with the consciousness of the plants so you can be guided in your unique medicine path.

Those who poo-poo magic, meditation, miracles, and Harry Potter. All of these things will happen here. Well, maybe not Harry Potter exactly, but this course will be every bit as magical as a semester at Hogwarts.

Those who think hugging trees is silly. This course is gonna invite you to get down on your knees in the grass, weave flowers into your hair, taste nectar, and sleep with twigs under your pillows. We get up close and personal with the plants, and I’m here to tell you, if you have never hugged a tree, get ready for a real treat because it feels GOOD.

Those who want permission, certification, credentials following their names, or an expert pardon to begin to practice with their intuition. If there is one thing that drives the course, it is this: living a richly intuitive life and healing with plants aren’t reserved for the elite. You don’t have to have a special ordination or travel to a foreign county and be trained in a completely different culture. You have everything you need to become a magic maker and intuitive plant medicine person right now. This course is a practice of self-initiation guided by me and the incredible cornucopia of plants who are waiting to work with you.

Those who aren’t down with the woo. This course is all about the woo. In fact, it’s so woo, it’s wu.

What people are saying about Asia's teaching

“I feel like a Pandora’s box of inner mystery has been opened to me, and the things I have learned from Asia have added such magic and mystery to my world. 
I know that the intuitive tools I have gained through this class will be with me for the rest of my life and I am so grateful for their support.
 How rich and wonderful life is when we open our eyes to the magic of all that is.”
“Asia is a wonderful teacher. I love her depth of trust and breadth of experience.
Her humor, transparency, and the space she gives for different experiences is a joy.
Her empowerment in her work is a true inspiration.”
“It was astoundingly perfect. Never have I felt so on track and energized.”
“Asia is an excellent facilitator.... She is a guiding light for ships lost at sea.”
Take this earth-steeped learning with you wherever you go. Field, forest, car, or cubicle.
Amber Magnolia Hill of Aquarian Dawn || Herbal Body Oiling
Julie Travis of Stone Flower Healing || Despacho + Opening Sacred Space
Juliet Blankespoor of Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine || Botany + Plant ID
Milla Prince of The Woman Who Married a Bear || Tree Medicine
Ro Giuliano of Dreamers and Diviners  || Flower Essence Acupuncture
Sarah Thomas of Clarity Stone Medicine || Earth Grids + Portals
Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs || Sacred Art of Bathing
Sylvia Linsteadt of Wild Talewort || Feral Palmistry + Plant Storytelling

[ Learn more about our amazing coven of bonus contributors ]

Aren’t sure if this course is for you?

No worries, we offer a full refund any time in the first two weeks of the course!
If you don’t feel 100% uplifted by this experience, just send us a note to let us know why it hasn’t worked out for you,
and we’ll be happy to refund your tuition.
• Be able to communicate directly with the plant realm
• Know how to undertake a shamanic journey
• Have a council of plant guides and allies that are ready to help
bring you to new levels of growth and potential in your life
• Know how to guide on-the-body treatments
• Be able to create an apothecary full of medicine
• Know how to practice with flower essences
• Be able to remember and decode your dreams
• Have invaluable tools for opening your own healing practice
• Be able to facilitate classes, self-guided rituals, and hold dreamwork discussions
• Feel comfortable owning your place in the world as a plant medicine person!


$129 in three monthly installments

or $349

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