Map of Engagement

* Download this Map of Engagement in interactive PDF form

Answer the following questions to plan your journey through Intuitive Plant Medicine

Finding Time to Engage

1. What time of the day do you tend to learn best or feel most alert?

2. What times during the week do you have free? If you have a complicated schedule write down M – S and go through each day.

      a. Find any overlapping times between question #1 and #2 and write them down here:

3. I recommend allotting at least 60 – 90 minutes for watching the videos and reading the PDFs every week.

      a. Write down a time (chosen from the list above) that you will watch/read the content:

4. You’ll also need at around 60 minutes every week for completing your exploratory activities

      a. Write down a one hour block, sometime after you plan to watch the videos, that you will complete your exploratory activities:

5. What time of day do you tend to feel more peaceful, meditative and expansive?

a. Find any overlapping times between question #2 and #5 and write them down below:

6.  I recommend setting aside 30 minutes every week for listening to the audio meditation.

      a. Write down a time (chosen from the list directly above) that you will listen to the audio and drop into meditation

7. Now look back over at the times you listed and make a note of any left-over time slots. Write down a few options of extra times in which you could make up work, engage in the Bonus material, or catch up if you have to miss a study session.

My plan B times are ____________________.

Write it out

I will watch the videos and read the PDFs on _____day of the week _______ at/in ______time_______.

I will leave time to complete my exploratory activities on_____day of the week _______ at/in ______time_______.

I will make time to drop into the meditations on_____day of the week _______ at/in ______time_______.

I will reserve time on ____________day(s) of the week_______   at/in   ______time(s)_______ as my plan B options for catching up on material or diving into the bonus content.

Put in on the Calendar

As Marie Forleo likes to say, “If it isn’t scheduled it isn’t real” So get your study dates on the calendar! If you used icalendar, a phone app of a day planner go ahead and write those dates and times in now.

(I’ll give you a moment…)

If you don’t have a set calendar go ahead and print out this lovely calendar below and add all the dates from the program to your schedule! You can even add stickers and flower doodles to make it extra special.