We live in a world that is full of medicine.

In many origin stories its said that once all beings spoke the same language.
And that it wasn't until we forgot this mother tongue that we lost our understanding of our
place in the weave of all things, the knowledge of our own part to play in the healing.
This course is an invitation to remember how to speak that ancient language.
The language of interconnection. Of green magic. Of intuition and spirit.
It is an invitation to learn how to communicate with the growing world and to rediscover your unique medicine.

Intuitive plant medicine is a guided initiation into becoming a plant medicine person. A rich gateway that was designed to help you reopen the pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world.

Beginning on Beltane and closing on the Summer Solstice, this class is a portal that will help you to access deep interconnection, earth magic and the uniqueness of your own medicine.

(the medicine you are here to give to this world)

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Registration opens April 15th!

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You already have everything you need to find, follow,
and embody the lit path of your own destiny.
And the living world, the plants who are our ancestors, are here to help you.


Dreamwork • Medicine Making • Earth Ritual • Journeying • Meditation • Flower Essences • On-the-Body Healing •
Plant Communication • Plant Allies • Earth Acupuncture • Land Healing • Creative Journaling • Stone Circles & Earth Grids

Registration opens April 15th.


I wish I could’ve put a !!!! after the YES this was a good value for the price. I could not get over how much content and experience was included in this course! It was all that I’d hoped it would be, and I don’t believe that there’s anything else quite like it out there, and with this level of instruction.

Angel Sullivan • Central Florida, US
IT Team Lead

This was the most profound program i have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of courses!)  Asia has the ‘magic’ of a born teacher.  Each gateway was fascinating and well organized.  The beauty of this course was each gateway built on the next gateway but each gateway could stand alone on its own merit.  I have returned to each gateway and am still finding things that I missed the first time.  This program has become a part of my life and it is because of Asia’s genius and heartfelt intent to bring us back to the “real world”.  Everyone should take this course.  You do not have to be an herbalist or healer.  everyone would benefit by re-connecting with the natural world and looking at plants in a whole different way. This course was spiritually life-changing.

Gigi Casey • Asheville, NC

The organization was really impressive, felt so cohesive and natural to flow from week to week. I said to my partner in the second week that the course felt more robust and well thought out than many college and graduate school courses I’ve taken and I stand by that!

Rachel Allen • New Hampshire, USA
Nurse Practitioner (Sexual, Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health)

Asia is just amazing. She is kind and gentle and I was so deeply impressed by her ability to show, teach, and trust her practices while remaining humble, intensely knowledgable, and culturally sensitive.
I was worried this would be a beginner only class, but I would recommend this to anyone on the Plant path to deepen and learn.

Deb Accuardi • Mt Hood, OR
Herbalist – Teacher

[This] is a unique course — the way it weaves topics together. I know of nothing like it anywhere. I am probably 30 years older than Asia and have been studying intuitive ways of knowing for a long time. Yet her course was one of the most important learning experiences of my life.

H. Coburn • Long Creek, SC

I loved every moment of this course. I have devoured it’s content, absorbed and practiced and meditated over the material so much so that my dreams are filled with plant medicine. I see my yard differently, and the world, and my days and my health, and the way I play with my children. This course has worked on me like a flower essence, it’s energy flowing into every crack of my life and subtly infusing it with love, bright energy and magic.

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Registration opens April 15th!

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