Welcome to the Intuitive Plant Medicine affiliate portal! Thank you deeply for being here. We are so delighted to have you on board to help spread the word about the program this year.

You should have received a direct email from us with your affiliate links and loin information for this year. Please make sure to use those links in all your promotion in order to receive a commission for each person who signs up through you!

We also believe deeply that the best promotion comes from an authentic place of knowing and connection, so we encourage you to poke around the program a bit as well. We sent you your login info in the same email as your affiliate links. We will still be uploading new content in the coming weeks, but the vast majority of the material is up for you to take a peek.

Launch Schedule

April 3rd – The Opening Earth Intuition (OEI) Free course opens for registration.  The first video releases. Affiliate links for OEI become active

April 8th – The second video of OEI release

April 11th – The third video of OEI releases

April 15th – The fourth video of OEI releases and registration for Intuitive Plant Medicine (IPM) opens. Affiliate links for IPM become active

April 29th – Registration for IPM closes

May 1st – IPM begins

June 21st – IPM ends

Promotional Material

We truly believe that the best promotion is that which comes from the heart. So, we don’t have any sample newsletters or rote promotional blurbs here. We just encourage you to share authentically about what intuition and herbalism means to you, your contribution to the course and how you feel about the program. Your realness will be a million times more effective than any blurb we can come up with, so just lead with your heart! That said, we do have promo images for you to use if you’d like! We have also included descriptions of both the free course and Intuitive Plant Medicine.

Opening Earth Intuition (free course)

April 3rd – April 15th

A free four-part video course to learn how to harness the gifts of your own intuitive abilities and receive the vibrant guidance of the natural world.

Intuitive Plant Medicine

Registration open: April 15th – April 29th

Intuitive plant medicine is a guided initiation into becoming a plant medicine person. An eight-week online course, Intuitive Plant medicine was designed to help you reopen the pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world and find the uniqueness of your own medicine.

Learn more on the sales page:

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The Ins and Outs of Being an affiliate

Are you new to being an affiliate? Or need a refresher? Our affiliate guide below goes over all the details of affiliateship, including the most effective ways to promote and also the FTC rules around promotion (they are pretty simple)

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us! Your contribution is truly invaluable, and your support means the world. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us to ask.

What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (that’s you!) drives traffic to a merchant’s web site in exchange for referral commissions.

For Intuitive Plant Medicine I’ve only invited those who have contributed to the course to be affiliates, so it’s a bit of a special situation. I find it is feels way more authentic to promote something you are an invaluable part of!

As an affiliate you will be given a unique link that tracks each person who visits our site through your network. If that visitor signs up for a class within the enrollment period, you get a 20% commission on their tuition.

We’ll use Affiliate WP as our tracking service. Once you set up your account (we’ll send you a link to get started once we receive your contribution) you will be able to see exactly how many people have followed your link and what your current payment will be.

Payments will be deposited to your bank account via paypal at the end of the promotion period in May, and then any subsequent months following for folks who registered for a payment plant.

Legalities + Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission now requires that all affiliates disclose the nature of their involvement with the merchant or business in their promotional posts (or on their website). Basically this means letting your audience know that you have a relationship with One Willow Apothecaries. This should be easy to do, however, as you are a contributor to the course!

Besides, disclosure can actually build a lot of trust and loyalty with your audience. When you are upfront about your connection to a business or school the people who follow your work feel recognized and respected. As with everything in life, its always better to just be upfront, honest and real.

When do I need to disclose?

The FTC requires disclosure with every post you publish that is associated with a gift or affiliate connection. This includes posts about a particular course, as well as any mention of One Willow Apothecaries. When you use an affiliate link on your site or in a post, you must let people know that it’s an affiliate link and not just a regular link.

What does “disclosure” look like?

Just because you need to disclose with every post doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Just be you and keep it personal. Here are some examples below.

1. “I am super pumped to be sharing about the One Willow Apothecaries’ Intuitive Plant Medicine program. I believe deeply in connecting to plants and was excited to be a contribuor to the program! Check out all the details here (and yes, this is an affiliate link. )

2. “Hey everyone, feast your eyes upon the most woo online class you will ever encounter. I’m so happy to be passing on the word and hey, if it jives with you and you sign up through my affiliate link, then I will receive a luscious compensation for your purchase!”

3. “This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, you’ll not only be transported to a fantastical realm of magic beyond your wildest dreams, but I’ll receive a generous portion of the tuition from everyone who signs up. Hey, thanks!”

You can also….

1) Hashtag #affiliate , #sponsored
2) Put the disclosure right before the link “Affiliate link: www.onewillowapothecaries.com”
3) Lead with “Sponsored”

Here is a website with some other platform specific tips.

A Note on Timing

We are launching Intuitive Plant Medicine on April 15th, 2019. You are welcome to begin promotion at that time.

The course is priced at $449.

The Affiliate Agreement

We will send an affiliate agreement to your inbox when we recieve your contribution. When you register on our website as an affiliate, you agree that you received this document, and that you agree to its content and stipulations. The most important part of the agreement outlines that you accept full responsibility for your promotion + disclosure and that your relationship as an affiliate to us under those terms for as long as your content is included in the course. Again, it’s up to you to decide in what ways you’d like to promote and how much. We value your own judgment and flair!

How to Share

– A feature in your Newsletter
– Blogpost with relevant content + a link
– Tweet
– Facebook post
– Instagram photo with link in your profile
– Place a banner on your website

We will provide you with banners + photos for you to share but you are also welcome to use your own photos for promotion.

Only use your specific affiliate link when promoting. We want every sale from your promotion to go straight back to you! Don’t worry about linking to any of our social medias, as we wouldn’t want you to miss a sale if they end up purchasing through our own link.

And be sure to mention your contribution to the course! Your magic is an invaluable draw for all your undying fans.

The most successful affiliates are those that are true to themselves! Feel free to go about this in any way that feels most comfortable and authentic to you. As a general principle, it’s always most fruitful to plant several seeds if you want an abundant outcome! Most people need to see something a few times before they investigate further. That being said, it is completely up to you how many times you would like to post or promote. We’ve found that a short newsletter devoted to a single topic or promotion usually yields the best results— especially if it has a catchy title!

People love content. If it feels in alignment for you, try posting your affiliate link alongside some unique content. Your own personal herbal initiation story, a meditation, a plant profile.

This is ultimately about helping people. So when you promote, think about having your post be helpful, informative, or inspiring. We want to add to people’s lives! (and not have them feel depersonalized or “marketed to”).

Thank you for being a part of this deeply heartfelt creation!

We will be in touch with an electronic packet of materials (including photos, promo blurbs and course descriptions).