We at One Willow believe deeply that the knowledge this course highlights belongs to everyone. It is our birthright to remember how to connect to plants and co-create magic from that relationship within our wider lives. We have seen time and time again that learning the skills to help bring this inner-wisdom to the forefront can help amplify so much healing in the community at large.

Every year we reserve few dozen spaces in Intuitive Plant Medicine for need-based scholarships and would love to have you apply. We are particularly jazzed about helping to make this course more accessible to underserved communities and promoting diversity in the herbal world (as well as within this program in particular). As we all know, without diversity, true learning truly withers.

All who are feeling a heartfelt call to be a part of this course, but cannot afford it at this time, are welcome to apply. We are also reserving a portion of our scholarships specifically for POC and LGBTQI2-S folks, those of Indigenous ancestry and folks whose work revolves around social justice and serving historically marginalize populations.

Scholarships are limited and we expect to get a lot of really amazing applicants. So please make sure to get you application in by the due date. And also remember to take heart. Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and know how cherished your interest truly is. Thank you for being here with us.

Applications for 2020 are closed
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