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Are you interested in inner work and deepening your connection with your intuition? Are you looking to address the multidimensionality of a specific health issue or simply connect more deeply to your healing path? I would be honored to work with you. Check out my range of distance offerings below or schedule a visit to One Willow’s studio in downtown Marshall, NC for an in-person consultation. Distance consultations are offered via Phone or Skype.

Earth Mentorship Session

Initial session :  $165
Follow up sessions : $75 per hour


An earth mentorship session is an opportunity for you to receive one-on-one support for your healing journey. Designed for those who are interested in delving into the root spiritual and energetic causes of imbalance, dis-ease or struggle, these sessions are offered as a way for you to connect more deeply with your own journey of growth. During an earth mentorship session we can explore a specific health issue or simply address the needs of your inner landscape. These sessions are a chance to speak your story, receive feedback and be heard in a space that is unconditionally loving and non-judgemental.

Mentorship are designed to help you communicate more fully with your wider guidance and access more understanding about your individual gifts and specific destiny. In a session we will discuss where you currently are in your life and work to co-create a map of rituals, medicines and resources that will help guide you forward. Sessions may include guided visualization and meditation together. Recommendations of medicine may include tinctures, teas, flower essences or stones– and I am happy to connect you with resources for sourcing these healing allies.

Initial Earth mentorship sessions are 1.5 hours. Follow-up sessions are one hour each.

{In-Person & Distance}

Intuitive Healing + Reading

(Includes a Reiki + Stone Acupuncture Treatment)

2 hours – $175

Intuitive healing + readings are for those who are interested in touching into the deeper wells of healing and receiving. An Intuitive healing session begins with a conversation between you and me to go over your current landscape of thoughts, feelings, and general life situation. After our conversation the session transitions to my Reiki table for an on-the-body treatment involving healing touch and stones. Reiki is an ancient method of energy healing that works with the body and its chakras. Deeply relaxing and transformative, Reiki is a gateway to profound self-healing and balance. You will be asked to recline and simply relax while I place my hands on specific areas of your body to help shift, move and transform energy. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, and generally leaves the receiver feeling light and buoyant. As I work with the energy in your body I will also place stones on different points in your body to facilitate even deeper healing.

I receive much information for my clients during Reiki sessions— images, sensations, messages and helpful guidance for further avenues of healing. After our Reiki session, I will share the guidance or information I received for you during the session. This reading is recorded and will be shared with you after our time together. There will also be time to discuss your experience, reground and incorporate the knowledge gained from the session into your healing path.

{In-Person Only}

Vibrant Livelihoods Consultation

1 hour- $75
Are you interested in starting an herbal or healing business? Incorporating flower essences into your work in health care or beginning a teaching career? I’d be happy to sit down in conversation with you and help you get started! This consultation is offered for all those who are looking for guidance in creating vibrant livelihoods within the herbal and healing arts. If you have questions and feel it would be beneficial to pick my brain or receive a bit of coaching from me I’d love to help in any way I can.
{In-Person & Distance}

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