Please note: I am not currently taking on any new clients during the holiday season. Please check back in Winter 2018 for new availabilities!

Are you interested in inner work and holistic healing? Are you looking to address the multidimensionality of a specific health issue or simply connect more deeply to your healing path? I would be honored to work with you. Check out my range of distance offerings below, or come visit One Willow’s studio in downtown Marshall, NC for an in-person consultation. Distance consultations are offered via Phone or Skype.

To learn more about my offerings please get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Whole Health Consultation

Initial Consultation :  $100 – $150 (Sliding scale)
Follow up Consultations : $60 per hour


Please note: I am not currently taking on any new Whole Health clients, please check back later this season!

A Whole Health consultation is a one-on-one experience of healing that focuses on exploring a specific health issue, overall imbalance, or just the desire for even more radiant health and self-understanding. In a consultation, we will discuss your current health history and work to co-create a healing protocol for a return to wellness. This takes into account the energetic and emotional patterns behind any given issue, and is most suited for those who are interested in full-spectrum focus and healing.

This first consultations can be done in person or over the phone and typically last between 1-2 hours. Following the consultation, I will send you a recommendation sheet with my suggested herbal protocol— which may include tinctures, tea or flower essences— as well as any additional diet or lifestyle recommendations, including (if applicable) specific exercises for personal growth. If possible, I will supply the suggested medicine from my apothecary. If not, I will always recommend other resources to find them.

Please email me for an Intake form. Our initial consultation will be scheduled once I have received your completed intake and consent form.

Medicine is priced separately.
{Available In-Person & Distance}

Flower Essence Consultation

Initial Consultation (one hour): $75 (includes Flower Essence Formula)
Follow up Consultations: $60 per hour

Flower essences are a subtle form of energy medicine that can have powerfully transformative effects on your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Each essence bottle contains the energetic imprint (or vibration) of a specific flower, collected at the height of their bloom and infused in pure spring water. Flower essences are used to release limiting patterns of thought or perspective, helping us to recognize and fulfill greater states of harmony and joyful purpose.

Flower essence consultations are recommended for those who are interested in working with deeper emotional and energetic patterns in their life, and are open to intuitive expansion. Flower essence consultations typically last 45 minutes – 1 hour. Following the consultation, I will send you a write up with the suggested essence formula.

All blended essence will be available through One Willow’s apothecary and their price (sans shipping if necessary) is included in the session.

Please email me for an Intake form. Our initial consultation will be scheduled once I have received your completed intake.

Please note: Flower essences have no scent and a very light taste. They are safe for children and pets and are compatible with all other forms of therapy or medicine.

{In-Person & Distance}

Intuitive Readings

(Includes a Reiki + Stone Healing Treatment)

2 hours – $100

Intuitive readings are for those who are interested in touching into the deeper emotional and energetic wells of healing. An Intuitive Reading begins with a conversation between you and me to go over your current landscape of thoughts, feelings, and general life situation. After our conversation the session transitions to my Reiki table for an on-the-body treatment involving healing touch and stones. Reiki is an ancient method of energy healing that works with the body and its chakras. Deeply relaxing and transformative, Reiki is a gateway to profound self-healing and balance. You will be asked to recline and simply relax while I place my hands on specific areas of your body to help shift, move and transform energy. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, and generally leaves the receiver feeling light and buoyant. As I work with the energy in your body I will also place stones on different points in your body to facilitate even deeper healing.

I receive much information for my clients during Reiki sessions— images, sensations, messages and helpful guidance for further avenues of healing. After our Reiki session Intuitive Reading, we will spend time discussing your experience and help to incorporate the knowledge gained from the session into an ever-growing path of health. I will share the guidance or information I received during the session for further understanding and to help you align with your own individual powers of healing.

{In-Person Only}

Suncatcher Session

1 session (90 minutes) – $75
3 session series – $200

In my classes I often refer to the process of embodiment as becoming a suncatcher. Being born and inhabiting a physical body is akin to hanging a crystal suncatcher in a wonderfully lit window. The light that streams through the window is the truth of where we come from – a place of infinite power, bright goodness, inspiration and light! While we are here on earth, however, our task is simply to be a vessel of this light that is our wider selves. When we can be open to the light that wants to move through us, we naturally begin to give our gifts to the world– bringing a dazzle of rainbows to this life.

Suncatcher sessions are offered for those who want to connect to and understand their deeper gifts, life purpose and divine destiny. Using an ancient Daoist stone treatment that activates the Chong Mai (one of the Eight Extraordinary meridians) this session is focused on helping you to become a brilliant suncatcher of your wider light. Helpful for those who are looking for greater clarity in their life path and connection to their inner gifts. These sessions begin with a short discussion of your intention and then transition into an on-the-body stone treatment. We will have time afterwards for a short conversation to discuss what came through in the session.

{In-Person Only}

Vibrant Livelihoods Consultation

1 hour- $65
Are you interested in starting an herbal or healing business? Incorporating flower essences into your work in health care or beginning a teaching career? I’d be happy to sit down in conversation with you and help you get started! This consultation is offered for all those who are looking for guidance in creating vibrant livelihoods within the herbal and healing arts. If you have questions and feel it would be beneficial to pick my brain or receive a bit of coaching from me I’d love to help in any way I can.
{In-Person & Distance}

Full Offering

Whole Health Consultation / Reiki + Stone Treatment / Intuitive Reading

Three hours : $200 – $250 (sliding scale)

A full offering allows me to make deep connections with a client. Much of the work I do is based in strong intuition and energetic guidance. A full offering helps me to develop a whole picture of someone’s health– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Medicine that works on many levels, heals on many levels as well. If you are interested in deep self-work, a full offering will open more even more doors to profound self-healing.

(Please note: A Full Offerings includes one Whole Health consultation with follow up Recommendations sheet sent to you via email about our session, a Reiki + Stone Healing treatment and an accompanying Intuitive reading)

{In-Person & Distance}