How to Embrace your Destiny

I was laying on my back with the windows open to the summer breeze. The coolness of the evening was just beginning to settle into the crease of the mountain and the scent of basil was still on my hands from the garden.

It was one of those moments— quiet, complete, and rare— when you feel like you can ask any question and receive the answer you need…
…and I wanted to know about my destiny.

We all feel that urge, insistent as the late afternoon sun, to ask about our destiny— because we know there is an answer.

In a deep and unquestioning part of ourselves, we know we’re here for a reason. And despite how empty the days can sometimes feel, we’re meant to experience fulfillment— the fulfillment of living out our unique purpose here on Earth.

So, into the stillness of the early evening, I asked this question:

How can I step into the life I’m meant to lead?

And received an answer I hadn’t expected…

Let go of what you can’t control.
It’s that simple, the voice within me said.
Stop trying to control what you yearn for, and you’ll remember who you are.

Let go of controlling who you are, and your destiny will naturally open.

When this answer arrived, I felt it in my whole body. Like the ripple of wind through summer curtains. In that moment I realized with a rush just how much of my life I spent unconsciously trying to control who I was or what I truly yearned for.
And I could sense, if I simply let go of who I thought I “should” be or what I “should” desire, there would be so much more energy available to me to actively receive the destiny that was waiting for me.
Each one of us is a literal force of nature. Rushing river, wind singing down the mountain, an entire field of red poppies. Who you are is as natural, and powerful, as the elements themselves.
We can try to control who we are and what our spirit yearns for— to redirect the river, erect walls to the wind or turn a field of flowers into grain— but it’s only by letting go that our innate destiny can take root.

The Earth doesn’t need to control anything to make sure the trees grow or the stones form. It simply allows the inner nature of every being to shine, and the greater plan naturally unfolds.

That’s the secret, I think, to letting destiny happen for you. Allow yourself your desires, your dreams. Let yourself be who you are—entirely—and the fulfillment you most desire, the destiny you came here to experience, will embrace you.

I had such a profound moment of destiny unfurling when my book Mirrors in the Earth came out into the world earlier this summer.

There have been so many amazing things about seeing this book take root, but the most amazing thing has been hearing about how this book has touched you.

The ways in which it has helped people recognize the forces of nature that they are— to remember that the Earth asked them to be here for a reason.

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, you can nab one wherever books are sold (or download the audiobook)!

P.S. If Mirrors in the Earth has spoken to you, it would mean the world if you left a rating or review on Amazon or Goodreads. I read every single one. Receiving your words there feels like experiencing a rain shower after drought, flowers after winter.