One a Day


A friend of my mine recently shared this inspiring ritual with me. Every February this friend gets together with a group of people and they all decide on a One a Day. Every day for the entire month of February each person in the group chooses one thing that they will do (no ifs, ands, or buts) every single day. It could be writing, dancing, walking, massaging your feet, checking the mailbox, trying a new recipe…anything! I love this idea. Right around the beginning of February is when everyone’s New Years Eve resolve starts to crumble a bit around the edges. We spend all month building up this fabulous new sand castle we wish to inhabit, and then we guiltily pretend not to notice as the ocean slowly sneaks back in. It’s hard to keep resolutions! But that’s also why you get your friends in on it. The best part? At the end of the month everyone joins back together for a big celebration and potluck where you all share your One a Day experiences.

My roommate and I have already decided that One a Day is such a great idea, we’d like to continue the tradition all year round! For now, however, we are beginning with February. We thought it would be an interesting experiment to start with the same One a Day and see how our experiences differed. So, both of us have committed to meditating for at least 15 minutes every day. We thought it was a perfect place to start. From there, who knows? Maybe March will be the month I learn to ride a horse…everyday! Wish us luck!

What is your One a Day?

Photo by John Suler