Plants Help you Come Home


It had been hours and my newborn daughter was still crying. Her wails had started to fray the edges of my mind, and a part of me was collapsing inwards. Around midnight I tried one last thing. I grabbed handfuls of rose petals, chamomile and lavender to steep while the bath ran. When the tub was full, I poured the fragrant tea into the warm water, letting a few flowers escape to swirl peacefully on the surface. I climbed into the tub and called my partner to bring our daughter in. Red with screaming, she writhed in his hands as he lowered her to me.

Then, something magic happened. The moment she touched the earthy water her whole body relaxed. The tension drained from her limbs and she softened completely, letting her legs float as she laid on my chest. The scent of rose and lavender wrapped us up in a warm lullaby and tears of relief slipped down my face.

It was only her first few days on Earth, and already the plants had helped my daughter come home.



From a young age, many of us have felt like we didn’t belong on this planet. For some, this meant gazing longingly up at the sky. For others, it was losing ourselves in the rich world of fiction or fantasy.

Life on Earth can be hard. I am reminded of this as I watch my infant daughter encounter all kinds of new things.

And yet, the Earth has never stopped inviting us to find home here— and when we do, untold possibilities can open for us.

Recently, I came across an explanation of Celtic spiritually that deeply resonated with me. For the Celts, heaven wasn’t some place off-planet. Heaven was on Earth. The purpose of being in a body, and being born on this planet, is to come home to this heaven on Earth.

And the plants are here to helps us in that homecoming.



In Latin, angel means “messenger.” Plants are the original angels of our planet. They are the messengers that help guide us through our journey on Earth. Like my infant daughter relaxing into an eddy of rose petals and lavender, no matter how hard times get, the plants will always be there to soothe you, heal you, return you home.

Because when we can come home to ourselves, and our belonging on this planet, we begin to access the heaven that is all around us.

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