Herbs for the Otherworld

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explore the magic + mysticism of autumn

In Celtic philosophy it is said that the separation between this world and the Otherworld is as thin as a veil. All we have to do is peer between the weave and a whole new aspect of reality will reveal itself to us. Known as the realm of the ancestors, the fairies, and the way beyond death, the Otherworld is a place of deep and life-changing knowledge.  In autumn, the Otherworld draws closer, asking us to develop a relationship with the invisible aspects of this earth. A place of wise guidance, mysticism, and ancient consciousness– connecting into the Otherworld can bring untold magic into our lives.

Come learn the contours of the Otherworld and develop a unique personal relationship with this hidden realm. Sign up and explore…

  • The shamanic history of the Celtic Otherworld
  • Ancestor tending
  • How to clear “ghosts” and attachments
  • Samhain (Halloween) rituals
  • Traditional herblore for magic & consciousness expansion
  • The secret story of the Sidhe
  • A shamanic meditation to meet your Otherworld guide
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The Course includes…

  • A two-hour class recording (with transcript)
  • A guided meditation + shamanic journey into the Otherworld
  • An in-depth PDF guide to the concepts, herbs + portals covered in this course


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