Tending the Heartgate


The heart is not just a mindless muscle. Nor is it the simple stuff of greeting cards or blockbuster movies or even cardiology exams. In truth, the heart is a gate. And what lies beyond, and within, is the ability to access real magic.

Many different medicine systems around the world have long recognized what western science is now only beginning to discover— that our hearts are not just an anatomical function of our body, they are the enchanted center from which we were meant to think, interact and live.

Thinking with the heart means becoming indigenous to your own body once again. It means returning home to yourself and your belonging. When you come into coherence with your heart, you can recognize the truth, your truth, in any situation.

Living from the heartspace allows you to experience the full-textured rainbow of existence— including that which normally lies below your brain’s field of perception.

When we tune into our heart’s frequency, we invite the possibility of a divine and daily harmony.

This time of the year we’re handed a pretty watered-down version of what it means to live from the heartspace. Boxed chocolate and declarations written in the snow. Pre-packaged self-love or prescriptive romance. Sometimes it’s enough to want to toss the whole holiday in the bin. But, this moment in mid-winter can also carry a truly potent call to step back into the diverse power of our hearts. To reconnect to a life that is wondrous, and worthwhile.

All great magic, myth, meditation and realization first spins out from here— our ability to drop into our heart. It is the secret that the ancient mystery schools taught their initiates and the force that drives us to seek love again and again. A heart-based life is one that involves truly falling, not just in love, but into resonance with the world around you and your own destiny. In today’s world, we tend to spend most of our time in brain-based thinking (and all the stress and dissonance that can bring). But life, real life, begins when we learn how to think with heartspace.

The heart is fed most fully by two things: truth and possibility. When we learn how to reconnect to our heartspace, our world becomes filled with the healing of these two medicines and all the irrefutable self-knowledge and miraculous opportunity they can bring.

So come step into your heart. Entrain with your truth. And experience the magic of a life lived in deep union with your own being.

If you are ready to work with the powerful portal that is your own heart— to heal from heartbreak, anchor into deep states of self-love, call in a soul companion or simply to experience more of the magic available to you in this world— come join me for a new online class: Herbs for the Heartgate.

In the class we explore current science, as well as Chinese medicine traditions, to begin to understand the truly numinous gateways that are our hearts. We meet the plants who are deep experts in helping us to tend these gates and learn how to connect into their medicine with recipes, exercises and guided meditations.

Keep scrolling to learn more, and get a small taste of the course with my new video guide to Herbs + Stones for the Heartgate.


>> Herbs for the Heartgate <<

A new online audio class that explores the true nature of our hearts as organs of perception, awareness, and magic.

Explore the herbal allies who can help us tend our hearts, learning how to nurture, protect, open and understand these most potent portals. Inlaid with recipes, exercises and meditations, this course is a gateway unto itself. When we learn how to tend our hearts, we can swing open the door to whole new eras of serenity, self-love, and healing.

Enter the gateway and learn…

* How shifting from brain into heart can literally save your life (and massively reduce your stress levels)

* Tools and allies for empaths, sensitives, and those navigating this grief-laden epoch

* Methods for connecting into your truth and perceiving clarity in relationships

* Ways to open a deep and direct connection to the plants

* Grounded information based on current scientific research as well as the ancient system of Chinese medicine

* How to experience more magic, possibility and connection in the world through healing our hearts

* Herbal recipes for opening psychedelic heart space and nourishing joy


The class includes a 70 minute audio lesson, a PDF with five in-depth materia medica and accompanying plant medicine recipes, a vocal exercise for plant connection, and two guided meditations. Sign up now and listen at your leisure for only $29.

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Want a taste of the class material? Check out this new guide to my favorite plants and stones for oiling the hinges on the Heartgate