The Earth Already Forgives You

There’s a question I get asked often— and every time someone asks it, I know I’m connecting with a kindred spirit…
In a time when humanity has caused so much destruction, how do you deal with the guilt of being human?
I love when people ask me this, because I have an opportunity to give them the answer the Earth gave me. An answer I deeply needed. An affirmation that fed a part of me that had been stunted by shame. A message that felt like rain on roots.
The Earth already forgives you.
No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, you are already forgiven by this planet— because grudge holding has no place within the Earth’s wider dream of co-creation and growth.
In my new video I talk about the moment on a riverbank in Oregon when the Earth gave me this message, how it transformed my world— and how very much the Earth wants you to hear this message too.


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I get emotional every time I watch this video, or read the chapter in my book Mirrors in the Earth where I talk more about this moment of receiving such a life-changing message from the Earth.

All we have to do is tune in and the Earth will be there, delivering these messages of comfort, belonging and support.

All we have to do is gaze into the mirrors of the Earth and we’ll see who we truly are— and how much goodness we naturally bring to this world.

It’s been so profound to witness the transformations that have taken place for folks through reading Mirrors in the Earth. Now, I’m hoping to help this experience go even deeper…

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of ✨The Earth Mirror Meditations✨.

Thirteen guided meditations designed to take you on a journey into the natural world— and the healing that awaits you there.

Each meditation was created to accompany each chapter in the book, opening the gateway for Earth-led healing.

In celebration of this new offering, the meditations are on sale until September 15th. Just use the code “cominghome” at checkout and get 20% off the entire collection.

Thirteen guided meditations to take you on a healing journey into the natural world

Listen to these transformative meditations to…

  • Access your innermost self
  • Ignite self-worth
  • Set healing boundaries
  • Release self-judgment
  • Initiate a new era in your life
  • Make direct contact with the natural world