The Earth Cares About You


It might be one of the hardest things to earnestly trust. It most likely rubs up against one of your earliest beliefs, one you took on in order to protect yourself from the heartache of being human in this world.

But the truth still remains, like a spring running continuously over the road.

The Earth cares about you.

No matter who you are, what you’ve done or what you’ve yet to accomplish — you are seen, cherished, and welcomed into the fold. The Earth, and the family of beings to which you belong, cares about you as an innate part of the whole.

You are as precious as the winged seeds of the maple, as beloved as the first cherry-colored blossoms of spring. As integral as the bee, pollen-dusted and in love with everything. You are seen in the same rose-tint as the bee sees the bloom and the soil sees the seed.

No matter how much we try to self-contain, criticize or minimize, we have never once been looked at with disdain by the rivers or the trees. We are perpetually embraced, exactly as we are. And if we only lean into that embrace, as you might lean your head against the heart of an oak, we can begin to undo the binds of self-doubt that keep us feeling so marooned.



I didn’t always know this, though I felt it in an underground kind of way. Like a dandelion, broken off at the head, this taproot knowledge still lived somewhere inside of me, despite all the years of feeling at a distance— distanced from the living world, distanced from my gifts, distanced from understanding why I was here.

But the truth is that all of us— tiny, refreshing, irreplaceable— are as precious as a clearwater spring. Your journey, like that of the creek to the ocean, is part of the wider journey of the whole, and so it is looked after, cared for, important. And if we can only open our eyes, we will see that we are truly supported in our unfolding.

We aren’t trained to be aware of other living beings, so we assume the earth is unnoticing as well. We think the natural world is detached, but that is only a symptom of our own uninvolvement. What we assume to be the world’s disinterest is, in truth, a signal of the Earth’s distinctly loving nonjudgement.

You are accepted, exactly as you are. You do not have to be any different. When we open a line of dialogue between ourselves and the denizens of the growing world, we allow ourselves to experience this entirely loving, entirely liberating, truth once again.



Over and over, the earth will send you signs, signals of compassion, messengers to remind you that you belong. Plants are the earth angels of this world (the original Latin of the word angel meaning messenger). They are often the first ones to reach out to us when we are feeling stuck or distanced. No matter how much we try to keep the plants and their messages of loving care from coming, they will always be there. Chickweed will, despite your best attempts, still grow into your garden. Moss will inch over the rockwall. Dandelions will flourish in the tiniest cracks of the sidewalk.

As Pablo Neruda sings, “We can cut all the flowers, but we cannot keep spring from coming.” This is how much the earth loves us, how much the plants care. These angels will keep showing up to let us know that spring is waiting for us, whenever we are ready to truly accept the preciousness of our own blossoming.Are you ready to receive these plant messengers into your life? To shed the thick layers of self-criticism and blurred self-perception so you can see yourself for who you really are— someone who carries incredible gifts for this world?

Come join me for Intuitive Plant Medicine, a life-changing online class experience in plant communication and rediscovering your unique medicine.

Every year incredible things happen in this program, beginning with the awareness of how much this world honestly cares about your unfolding.  I’d love to journey with you there.