Three Practices To Reclaim Your Power


For a long time, I didn’t know what it felt like to be in my power. I had gotten so used to giving it away, I honestly couldn’t have recognized it. Whether it was stuffing my needs down for the sake of my relationships, pushing ahead with projects even though my body said no, or bending over backwards to try and make something “perfect” before I felt it was good enough to share with the world. My power was like the cellophane-packaged fruit you see at the grocery store. I was so used to shipping it out prematurely, giving it away in neatly wrapped packages, I had no idea what it tasted like to have my power come to fruit naturally, wild and sweet.

In the thesaurus “betray” is a synonym for “give away.” From an early age, many of us are trained to betray our power. Either we see the archetype of the rich and narcissistic and think, “I don’t want to be like that,” or we’re told that our power is only something we are allowed to access when we are giving it to someone else. Power is life force. You can feel your power anytime you do something that brings you alive— writing, dancing, mothering, creating, organizing, making love. The problem is that the moment we feel such aliveness we think we have to turn around and immediately give it all away. As if our joy, like our power, wasn’t actually meant for us.

When we spend so much time giving up our power, we forget what it is like to be fully infused with our own essence. But the memory of our native empowerment is always there, just on the tip of our awareness…



Being in your power is seeing beyond the self-doubt to grasp the hand of your destiny every time you slip.

It is knowing what your work is, and what it isn’t.

It is being so clear about your gifts that they channel through you with ease. It’s the dissolving of writer’s block, self-judgement and procrastination.

Being in your power is understanding that you have an important role to play on this planet and no longer being afraid of what will happen when you step into it.

It is knowing that when you walk away from someone, or something, that drains you, you won’t be losing anything… but will only be gaining your sovereignty.

Being in your power means becoming an overflowing cup. It is being so nourished by your own energy that you naturally bring light to the world just by being.

Reconnecting to our power can take time. Just like an undammed river, it might be a moment before we find our flow again. But reclaiming our natural energy is the most important work we can do, because once we regain our power, we can become lightning rods for transformation in this world. Are you ready to welcome that energy back in? Come check out my new video Three Practices to Reclaim Your Power. In the video, I share the three unconventional tools I use to quickly come back to center when I feel stuck.



One of the hardest things on Earth is feeling like we aren’t living up to our soul’s mission. That burning inner sense that there is a reason why you’re here and yet don’t know how to get started. It’s like treading water with ankle weights—I don’t think there is any more tiring feeling on the planet.

We think that if we just figure it all out, we could get started giving our gifts. But the truth is we don’t need the whole plan. All we need is to feel our power. When you are connected to your power source— your soul, your blueprint, the lifeforce of the Earth and all the intangible benevolence that animates you— you are always guided to that next step. And the next step is all you need.

If you are ready to step into the sunlight of your own power, come join me for Herbs for Personal Power. This *brand new* course was designed to be like a kind of soul retrieval to help you bring your power back. Since it launched last week we’ve had over 300 people join the course… and we’re just getting started.

The next step ahead is clear, all you need is just a bit of sunlight to place your foot firmly. See you in that light.