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“I just felt like I wanted to reach out to tell you how important and impactful you are as a teacher. You may never know the full extent of your influence, but for my part I just wanted to reach out and thank you for reminding me of something incredibly important. You have a gift that you share with the world when you teach, and I feel lucky to have been a recipient.”

“It was astoundingly perfect. Never have I felt so on track and energized.”

“Asia is an excellent facilitator… She is a guiding light for ships lost at sea”

“Asia’s gifts as a meditation facilitator are such a blessing to those fortunate enough to experience her guidance.”

“Asia is a wonderful teacher. I love her depth of trust and breadth of experience. Her humor, transparency and the space she gives for different experiences is a joy. Her empowerment in her work is a true inspiration.”

 “I feel like a Pandora’s Box of inner mystery has been opened to me and the things I have learned from Asia have added such magic and mystery to my world. I know that the intuitive tools I have gained through this class will be with me for the rest of my life and I am so grateful for their support. How rich and wonderful life is when we open our eyes to the magic of all that is.”

“I am deeply grateful to you for the healing session and your guidance has been impacting me, settling into spaces within, and clarifying.  I’ve been recommending you to everyone in my life.”

“Asia is a spectacular teacher. Her grasp of the subject matter was so thorough, and the preparation and care with which she prepares each lesson, handout, homework and space was so clear. She created a space of nurturing calmness and openness that guided the whole class.”


for the Apothecary Medicines

“Thank you so much for these beyond amazing essences. I have been using them with patients as part of acupuncture and reiki treatments. I have been applying them topically on specific acupuncture points and folks have been experiencing really deep healing and energetic shifts that I have not seen happen when I have used other essences. I am so moved by the power of these remedies.”

“I just want the ‘Thank You’ for the loveliness that arrives with each item ordered.  I can feel all the love and care that is poured into your beautiful Apothecary!”

“Just love, love, love your products!”

“Your products, and business design from your web site to packaging, wrapping and labeling and customer care are all of a piece that reflect depth, care, beauty, connectedness, artistic sense and earth knowing, and it is a joy to engage with it all.”


for the Newsletter

“I am not even sure how I made my way to your newsletter, but I am SUPER grateful that I did. This must be one of the single best (as in – ever, and I’ve been around the block a time or two ;-)) newsletters I have received.”

“You have a gift for words. I don’t know exactly how you do it, but your newsletters reach out to me and encourage me as if you were my sister. It always seems to be you speak the right words at the right time. Sometimes the words you write make me cry — in a good way. This morning I wept.”

“I look forward to reading whatever you have write each time I get an email. I always immediately open my email and devour your beautifully written expressions.”

“This is an absolute amazing offering. Thank you! I am honored to be connected to your magic!”

“Whenever I read your words and see your pictures I sink into that wondrous experience of the moment and I am so grateful to you for sharing your inner soul with us. You are a gifted spirit and it inspires me to see how you live your words and it radiates out from you to all those you touch.”

“I first started getting your emails after my friend told me about you, and I just wanted to tell you they are by far the most interesting, most thoughtful, most beautifully written emails I’ve come across. I subscribe to very few these days, but yours I keep because they are such a welcome pause and invitation to slow down, and such a feast for the mind and heart.”

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