What Happens When The Veil Thins?


Growing up, I always felt the power of fall. I loved Halloween and its lantern-lit festivities, the amber hue of the canopy and gold leaves falling from the trees. I adored the apple crisps and cozy blankets but the thing I loved most of all was the feeling of fall. It wasn’t until I was older and learned more about the ancient Celts who were my ancestors, that I began to understand why this season felt so potent. Beyond the beautiful saturation of all those fall colors, the true magic of this season happens in the unseen.

In the Celtic understanding, autumn is the time when the veil between the worlds grows thin. As the above ground world begins to die back to the roots, the hidden realities rise to the surface— lost memories, forgotten dreams, the realms of the spirits, that stream of energy that runs beneath all things. In autumn, we have the ability to connect to a realm of reality that we normally can’t touch or experience. Throughout so much of the year we yearn to make these connections with the intangible magic of things. To speak to the spirits of the trees or hear the forest sing. To hold a loved one’s hands who has passed or get clear divinations for what the future may bring. In autumn we are graced with moments of understanding on a journey that so often seems shrouded in mystery.

But what does it really mean when they say, “the veil is thin”? What can you expect to happen during the autumn season? In my new video below I talk about the four key experiences that might arise for you when the veil thins each fall, and what can be revealed through this contact with the Otherworld.



In autumn, true magic becomes possible. The magic of releasing long held burdens. The magic of finding brave new directions. The magic of making connections with your ancestors, the loved ones who have passed, and all the invisible currents of energy running through the earth. In autumn, everything you’ve been working on comes to full harvest and powerful transformations tend to take place as that first frost settles in. Autumn is a gift that completes a cycle so a whole new era can begin.

If you are interested in experiencing the powerful revelations this season can bring, come check out my online course Herbs for the Otherworld.

I never fail to be amazed by all the incredible experiences people have shared with me from taking this course. I’ve seen folks who’ve never had any kind of success with meditation go deep into a shamanic experience with the guided journey that accompanies the class. I’ve had other students make legitimate contact with their ancestors, spirit guides, and families on the other side of the veil. Others have come away with a profound understanding of their own healing abilities, and the unseen energies that want to work with them. If any of this is calling to you this autumn, take the leap and come join me.

Regardless of where you are on the earth, the Otherworld is always present and ready to work with you. All you need to do is trust the goodness and guidance that is there just beyond the veil.






  • Hi Asia, kindly check your responses to Maeve and Lina above. Perhaps you flipped things — I do that too sometimes. Nice to know you are human. -S

    • Thanks for the catch Squire. I certainly am human (and unfortunately the backend of the comment section on the website is a little less straightforward than the front). I appreciate the heads up 🙂

  • Hi Asia, thank you so much for putting out this video, and the Herbs for the Otherworld course. As a Samhaim birthday, this time of year always feels special for me, but as I matured I realized the connections go so much deeper. For me, the veil is always thin, but during this time of year the insights, dreams, and creativity get so much stronger! Thank you for pinpointing the obscure and hazy experiences I’ve been having. Your course has really helped me ground my practices for this transitional season. Much love and gratitude <3

  • Thank you for sharing this! I have had dreams about loved passed away ones, and an immense craving for creation! So lot’s of painting and ideas ust bubbling up from the surface. Also I can feel the endings, I have ended a big thing, and I can feel things get clear, it is like everything that is right make sense, and tings that are not right fade away and ends.

    • This is so wonderful to hear Lina! And I really feel you… I think autumn might be the most creative season for me (even with all the death and endings…lol!)

  • Fall is always the season of creativity for me, this video was a fantastic affirmation. I took Herbs for the Otherworld when you first offered it and revisit it each Autumn!

    • Thank you for reading (and watching) Maeve! I hope the creativity (and cleansing) of fall brings many blessings to your world.

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