What it Means to be “a part” of the Earth

You hear people say it often— humans are a part of nature.

As lonely or outcast as we might sometimes feel, we aren’t separate from the living world.

We are nature, a creation of the Earth just as truly as the upright oak or the moss-covered boulders of the mountains.

But what does it actually mean to be “a part” of the Earth?
The answer is a benediction… and it’ll change everything about how you see yourself and the role you’re here to play on Earth.

In psychology there’s a concept that our inner landscape is made up of “parts.” Within you is the inner child, the inner mother, the inner protector… and so on. In a therapeutic setting each part is seen as playing an important role in the overall health of our psyche’s development, and yet sometimes these “parts” can cause a bit of trouble.
For example—you may doubt that what you have to give the world is enough, because the protector part of you feels like it’s safer to just stay in the shadows. And yet, you were meant to give your gifts to the world.
In therapy, it’s understood that we can heal the hurts we carry simply by recognizing all these parts of ourselves, and welcoming them back into the fold.
We, as humans on this Earth, are a part of the nature’s own psyche. An aspect of the wider gestalt or consciousness of our planet.
And you bring healing to this world simply by coming back home to your wholeness.

The Earth is on a healing journey that is much wider than we can perceive in our single lifetimes. But we, as a part of nature, have an important role to play on that journey.
Like the parts of our own personal psyches, the part of nature that is humanity can make some ruffles. And yet, profound planetary breakthroughs and healing can happen when we return to our belonging in this world, reintegrating the wholeness of who we are.
So what part of you are you learning to love right now? What part is ready to be welcomed back with care?
All of us ache to help the Earth heal in this tumultuous era, and yet, the most profound thing we can do for the Earth is learn how to hold all parts of ourselves with compassion… because when we do, we, as a part of the Earth, create a cascade of healing that reaches the very core of our world.
This is exactly what my book Mirrors in the Earth is about.
And why I created the Earth Mirror Meditations as a companion for the journey.

Each of these thirteen guided meditations— designed to deepen the experiences in the book— will guide you into healing with the Earth, coming home to the nature of who you are.
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