What the Earth is Asking of You


I used to think it was never enough. The efforts I made to help the Earth. The things I did for others. What I had to give. This feeling of not-enoughness showed up in every area of my life. When I worked so late on the computer my eyes began to burn. Or when I said yes to more commitments than I could handle and ended up sick for days. Over and over again I would put myself last— because I truly thought this was the best way for me to make a difference in the world.

A lot of empaths operate like this. It seems to be hardwired into our system. And yet— one of the main reasons we come here to this planet, and sign up to be so sensitive, is to learn this truth: our individual existence is precious. It is deserving of reverence and respect. In the end, we don’t heal the world through self-sacrifice, but through self-acceptance.

The Earth is asking you to become a force of healing by learning this one essential thing— self-compassion.

Are you ready to let go of not feeling like enough? My new video will help you get in touch with the Earth so you can start embodying the brilliance of your gifts. (You’ll also learn why self-compassion is very literally the force that will heal our world— hint: it has to do with trauma).


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Once upon a time I needed to hear the message in this video so much.

You belong. You are seen. Who you are is important. And your journey of learning self-acceptance is the gift you’re here to bring to this world.

This is exactly what my book Mirrors in the Earth is about. It’s a collection of stories from the living world, and from my own path, that illustrates just how natural your own journey is. And how much this Earth believes in your goodness.

Because when we can see ourselves with compassion, everything changes— including the trajectory of our world.

The book is officially releasing in two weeks and I can’t wait!

If you haven’t preordered yet, come nab your copy and claim these free bonuses before they disappear! (Including a whole class called Writing the Earth’s Voice where you’ll learn how to receive messages of comfort and support directly from the Earth).


P.S. Have you seen the Mirrors in the Earth book trailer yet? Someone on YouTube commented “Why am I crying??” after watching it. See for yourself why this video is bringing people to tears.