You Are an Earth Healer


We all know (or are coming to understand) that we can heal ourselves through the natural medicines of the Earth. But for those of us who are drawn to herbal healing, the pull isn’t just to experience the medicine without, but a call to explore the medicine that exists within. The medicine that we know, deep down, we are here to give to this Earth.

Each of us came here for a reason.

You are not a mistake. And, no matter how many side routes you’ve taken, or how many brambles you’ve had to extricate yourself from, you are on the right path. You are not behind, in fact, you are just in time.

We are at a turning point on Earth, most of us have been feeling it since we were born. There is a great change underway, one that is asking us to step into the path of reconnection once more.

You are here because the gifts you carry are the very same ones that the Earth has requested in order to heal.

As sensitive, caring beings, one of the most painful feelings comes from the worry that, as humans, we are only agents of damage to this Earth. But every day, in nearly every way, the Earth is trying to show us that this is not true

You are here because you are meant to be an Earth healer.



What if humans are a keystone species, we just forgot about where we were supposed to fit in? What if we evolved to follow our innate passion and inclinations and, by doing so, naturally create more food, more diversity, more understanding, cohesion and harmony? What if we did have such a sacred function here?

We may not be like the ants, who bring rubies to the surface of the earth in their building. Or the prairie dogs who aerate the grasslands with aquifers. Perhaps we are not as important as all of that, perhaps our role is much humbler. But what if our gift arises from our very ability to know what it feels like to question our belonging, and so have the sacred aptitude to hold gratitude for it all? What if our role as co-creators is to discover ourselves, and in doing so discover the medicine we are here to give. To create untold beauty in the simple act of being ourselves and being grateful to belong.

In my new video I explore this concept and pass on an important message, one that I’ve been receiving from the Earth now for years. Watch the video below to learn about the two simple tools you need to step into your role as an Earth healer.


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And if this message has stirred you, shifting something within like a magnolia blossom relaxing into the winds of spring, then come join me for a class that will help you truly see the medicine that you are meant to bring to this world.

Intuitive Plant Medicine is more than an online course, it is an experience in opening to the numinousness of your intuitive gifts through the help of the plants themselves.