We live in a world
that is full of medicine
Not just plant constituents, but relationship and connection.

The greatest healing comes when you can speak with the living world once again
and begin to understand your place in everything

This course is an invitation
to learn how to communicate with the plants
and rediscover your unique medicine.

We live in a world that is full of medicine

Not just plant constituents but relationship and connection. The greatest healing comes when you can speak with the living world once again and understand your place in everything.

This course is an invitation
to learn how to communicate with the plants and to rediscover your unique medicine.

Beginning the moment
you sign up,
this class is a portal that will help you
speak to the living world and understand
the uniqueness of your own medicine
(the medicine that you are here
to give to this world)

Dreamwork • Medicine Making • Shamanic Journeying
Flower Essences • On-the-Body Healing • Plant Communication
Earth Acupuncture • Land Healing • Plant Channeling

Dreamwork • Medicine Making • Earth Ritual • Journeying • Flower Essences • On-the-Body Healing • Plant Communication • Earth Acupuncture • Land Healing • Plant Channeling

After completing the course

You will be able to communicate directly with the plant realm

• Understand more about your particular brand of intuition
• Know how to undertake a shamanic journey
• Channel the information you need to heal directly from the plants
• Connect to your wise and loving herbal Ancestors
• Know how to guide on-the-body treatments
• Create an apothecary full of medicine
• Know how to practice with flower essences
• Remember and decode your dreams
• Have invaluable tools for opening your own healing practice
• Feel comfortable owning your place in the world as an intuitive plant person!

Hi, I’m Asia

I’m a trained herbalist as well as a writer and teacher. And I’m here to help you remember the magic of living on earth and learn to trust the potency of your medicine gifts.

I first discovered the altar of the green world when I was in the midst of dealing with chronic pain. I didn’t even know any plant names, I just started listening to the flowers and hugging the trees. And something incredible happened— I began to experience magic on a daily basis. I found deep clarity in my life’s purpose and healed on levels I never knew existed.

In the decade since these first experiences with intuitive plant medicine, I’ve opened an internationally successful herbal apothecary, consultation practice, and school. And all of this began by learning how to intuitively connect to the plants and be a conduit of their healing.

Everything that I learned about intuitive medicine, the plants showed me. And now all of those teachings are collected here.

How the course works

Each week for eight weeks a new gateway will open

The material is specially designed week-by-week to help you open to new realms of magic and become initiated into your own medicine.

You’ll have access to this material forever, so you can continue farther down this path for many years to come.

The program also includes an in-depth library of Q&A videos, a truly nourishing private Facebook group of like-minded folks, and lovingly interactive support from the One Willow team throughout your whole journey.

Week 1: Suncatchers & Beginnings

• Opening flower + fire ritual
• What is intuition?
• Wheel of the Year exercises
• Altar tending

Week 2: Inviting Intuition

Ten core intuition practices
• Four pillars of self-care
• Meditation + body divination
• Unblocking your intuition

Week 3: Plant Allies

Exploring herbal medicine
• Finding a plant ally
• Botany + plant ID
• Medicine making + wildcrafting

Week 4: Plant Communication

The foundational belief of Animism
• Technologies of communication
• Shamanic journeying
• Plant channeling
• Ancestral herbalism

Week 5: Dreaming with Plants

Central tenets of dreamwork
• Dream decoding + dreaming with plants
• How to remember your dreams
• Herbs for deep sleep + dreaming
• Facilitating dream discussion

Week 6: Flower Essences

Philosophy + history of flower essences
• How to make flower essences
• Formulation + attunement
• Incorporating flower essences into
your healing practice
• Flower essence recipes

Week 7: Temple Healing

• On-the-body herbal treatments
• Plant bathing
• Herbal body oiling
• Flower essence acupuncture

Week 8: Land Medicine

• Sit spots + sacred wandering
• Place-based divination
• Earth acupuncture
• Working with stones
• Beginning to teach

With 16 videos,
12 prerecorded guided meditations,
over 500 pages of full-color PDFs and exploratory exercises

PLUS many seasons worth of bonus material from some of the biggest luminaries in the herbal world
“This was honestly the best online course I’ve ever taken, no exaggeration. The organization and quality of the material made learning enjoyable and exciting. I’m more aware of the subtle changes in my body and the space around me. I’ve noticed more synchronicities with certain insects or birds, weather changes, and an overall confidence in my ‘knowingness’. It’s very clear this course was made with a lot of intention, labor, and love.”

Christina Glezil • Orlando, FL
Nonprofit Program Coordinator & Meditation Guide

“This was the most profound program I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of courses!)  Asia has the ‘magic’ of a born teacher. Each gateway was fascinating and well organized. I have returned to each gateway and am still finding things that I missed the first time. This program has become a part of my life and it is because of Asia’s genius and heartfelt intent to bring us back to the “real world”.  Everyone should take this course.  You do not have to be an herbalist or healer. This course was spiritually life-changing.”

Gigi Casey • Asheville, NC


One Time Payment

$469 USD

total cost


Payment Plan

$98 USD

a month for five months

Would you like to gift this class to someone else? Send them a Custom Gift Certificate!

One Time Payment

$469 USD

total cost

Payment Plan

$98 USD

a month for five months

Would you like to gift this class to someone else? Send them a Custom Gift Certificate!

Our 100% happiness guarantee

Aren’t sure this course is for you? No worries, we offer a full refund any time in the first two weeks of enrollment.

What do students think about the course?

Who this course is for…

• Anyone who wants to explore earth spirituality from a place of groundedness, humor, and gentleness

Those who are drawn to herbalism because they know deeper healing is possible

• Anyone who believes in earth magic and is ready to experience it daily

• Those who have been told they are intuitive and are ready to truly understand how to harness this gift

• Total beginners to the herb world as well as seasoned practitioners

• All those who want to open a direct channel of communication with the plant realm

• Anyone who wants to experience vivid dreams, greater intuitive clarity, and clear life guidance.

• Those who are feeling the call to move beyond a black-and-white world into a truly numinous experience of this earth we inhabit

Who this course isn’t for…

• Those who want to learn the textbook profile of every plant. This is not a training in  clinical herbalism, it’s a course in becoming a plant magician. This program will provide the training and inspiration to help you interact directly with the consciousness of the plants so you can be guided in your unique medicine path.

• Those who poo-poo magic, meditation, miracles, and Harry Potter. All of these things will happen here. Well, maybe not Harry Potter exactly, but this course will be every bit as magical as a semester at Hogwarts.

• Those who think hugging trees is silly. This course is gonna invite you to get down on your knees in the grass, weave flowers into your hair, and sleep with twigs under your pillows.

• Those who think they need permission, certification, or credentials  in order to be a plant intuitive. If there is one thing that drives the course, it’s the belief that intuition isn’t reserved for the elite. You have everything you need to become an intuitive plant medicine person right now.

• Those who aren’t down with the woo. This course is all about the woo. In fact, it’s so woo, it’s wu.

With over 3,000 graduates in the program,
we've received some seriously glowing feedback...

With over 3,000 students in our online programs,
we've received some seriously glowing feedback...

I have had years of therapy and put in so many countless hours in trying to understand my trauma, personality, motives, ticks, etc… but there was something in how the questions were phrased and the inclusion of plants as physical and intuitive medicine that just blew my perception and intuition wide open. Suddenly, what was a theoretical understanding was an intuitive practice. The fractures in my vision healed and I found myself seeing, truly seeing, the webs connecting everything; a little girl longing for the daffodils to bloom in spring and now, a grown woman understanding the medicine of plants and seasonality. This course has been one of the most tremendous gifts I’ve ever received.

Rhea HoeflokVictoria, Australia
Fibre Artist

I love everything about this course… It is an amazing, magical experience. This course has brought me alive. I am more perceptive, receptive and more aware of my intuition. Opening up my heart to [the plants] has been really magical, and deeply listening [to] their wisdom has helped me feel like I belong on this Earth.

Sitta Qarnayni Bali • Indonesia
Holistic Counselor & Herbalist – Heart Medicine Woman

I’m 60 and have no formal background in herbal medicine, acupuncture etc. and no plans to pursue anything remotely related to those fields. Yet, when I got this in my email, despite real financial concerns, I instantly knew I had to take it. That instinct has proven to be SO perfect.I’ve taken countless courses throughout my life and this is, undoubtedly, one of the best ever. The density of content, the wonderful attention to detail…it all adds up to a masterpiece. It is utterly an essential balm for the spirit in these challenging times.


Asia felt to me like everything an ideal teacher ought to be: enthusiastic, friendly, warm, encouraging, appreciative, understanding, attentive, spirited, well-informed, self-aware, humorous… the list could go on forever! I felt like I was learning from a true friend.

Steven Thomas BrennanDublin, Ireland
Artist & Teacher

With bonus classes from

Alexis J. Cunningfolk

of Worts + Cunning Apothecary


Amber Magnolia Hill

of Mythic Medicine

Herbal Body Oiling

Ariella Daly

of Honey Bee Wild

The Dreamweave of the Hive:
Dreaming from within European Bee Shamanism

Aysen Farag

Held From Within: A Guided Sound Healing Journey to Recover Ancestral Wisdom of the Earth and Stars

Darla Antoine

Ancestral herbalism, Food Medicine & Cultural Sensitivity

Isimot Adewuyi

of Remedies Moon Botanicals

Urban Plant Connection

Jacob William

of Ergi Apothecaries

Queering Medicine

Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND

of Xálish Medicines

A Starseeds Guide to Embodiment

Juliet Blankespoor

of Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

Botany + Plant ID

Kris Moon

of Practice with Kris

Establishing Strong Roots in Meditation

Lyla June

Creativity as Connection to Land

Maryam Hasanaa

of Resonance Apothecary

Highly Sensitive Herbalism

Milla Prince

of The Woman Who Married a Bear

Tree Medicine

Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd

of Queer Nature

Meeting the Land: A Primer on Unsettled Belonging

Rebecca Altman

of Kings Road Apothecary

Formulation from the Heart

Ro Giuliano

of Dreamers and Diviners

Flower Essence Acupuncture

Sarah Thomas

of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Green Kyanite and your Deepening Conversation with the Land

Sophia Rose

of La Abeja Herbs

Sacred Art of Bathing + Smoke Medicine

Sylvia Linsteadt

of Wild Talewort

Feral Palmistry + Plant Storytelling

Sophia “So” Sinopoulos-Lloyd

of Queer Nature

Meeting the Land: A Primer on Unsettled Belonging

Toko-pa Turner

Courting the Dream: the sacred practice of dreamwork

Vanja Vukelic

of Merakilabbe

Creating with plants: The artist’s transfiguration

Whitney Popham

of School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Plant Alchemy


One Time Payment


total cost


Payment Plan


a month for five months

One Time Payment

$469 USD

total cost

Payment Plan

$98 USD

a month for five months

I have been an herbalist for over a decade, and I am a highly sensitive- this is the best class I have EVER done. It will literally change your life. Even if you are not an herbalist or an intuitive naturally you should absolutely take this course. This course has meant so much to me, and has grounded me, comforted me, and encouraged me in such a huge way. I don’t have words. Seriously- best decision I have made this year was to sign up for this.


I was and still am going through a deep clearing process and this course reminded me that I am not only supported, but that even [at] my lowest, I still was able to have a beacon that uplifted and reminded me of my truest self…This course empowers you to be the healer that you always wished to be.

Ariana ManleyPhiladelphia, PA

I am 82 tomorrow and I have studied Homeopathy and Bach remedies for over 50 years. I just wish I could have done this course at the start of my journey. I felt isolated as I was the only one looking into alternative healing but just knowing this course was teaching so many like minded people and almost making it normal is a great advantage. The more you learn the deeper you go.

Enid BrownJersey Channel Islands
Retired but life long learner


I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete the course in eight weeks, is this okay?

Yes, even though a new gateway will open once a week for eight weeks, you are more than welcome to take the course at your own pace. No matter how you decide to move through the material, we guarantee that there will be other students taking it at the same pace as you. Our warm community is here to support you throughout the process.

How much time to budget per week?

We recommend allotting around 2-3 hours every week for the core content of the program. This time includes watching the videos, listening to the meditations, and completing your exploratory activities for the week. (Please note: this does not include time reviewing any of the bonus materials. Those are completely optional and for you to drop into whenever the time is right)

I live in a city, can I do this?

Definitely. I first caught the herbalism bug when I was living in New York City. I fell in love with plants working in mid-town Manhattan (plants exist there! I promise). And you totally will too. You can be in conversation with plants anywhere, and anywhere you go the plants are wanting to come into connection.

Intuitive Plant Medicine

Scholarship Program

Reopening in 2023

Intuitive Plant Medicine

Scholarship Program

Reopening in 2023

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