We live in a world that is full of medicine.

In many creation stories, it is said that once all beings spoke the same language.
And that it wasn’t until we forgot this mother tongue that we, as human beings,
lost our understanding of our place in the weave of all things, the knowledge of our own part to play in the healing.
This course is an invitation to remember how to speak that ancient language.
The language of interconnection. Of green magic. Of intuition and spirit.
It is an invitation to learn how to communicate with the growing world and to rediscover your unique medicine.

Intuitive plant medicine is a guided initiation into becoming a plant medicine person. A rich gateway that was designed to help you reopen the pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world.

Beginning on Beltane and closing on the Solstice, this class is a portal that will help you to access deep interconnection, earth magic and the uniqueness of your own medicine.

(the medicine you are here to give to this world)

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You already have everything you need to find, follow,
and embody the lit path of your own destiny.
And the living world, the plants who are our ancestors, are here to help you.


Dreamwork • Medicine Making • Earth Ritual • Shamanism • Meditation • Flower Essences • On-the-Body Healing • Plant Allies • Earth Acupuncture • Land Healing • Creative Journaling • Depth Psychology • Stone Circles & Earth Grids

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