How Stones Communicate

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All of nature is alive. And all living beings communicate. Whether it’s through mycelial networks, movement, chemical signatures or song— all beings speak to one another in order to create greater healing.

So how do stones communicate? As some of the oldest beings on earth, stones speak through deep and often forgotten channels. Intuition, energy, imagination, dreams, and feelings.

In this expansive and practical course we’ll explore how to become fluent in the language of stones. Through opening innate channels of intuition and exploring the subtle tongues of the mineral realm, we will reground our consciousness in a state of communion that our ancestors knew well.

With information as well as guided activities, this class is a gateway unto itself.


Together we’ll explore:

• Shapeshifting: changing shape, breaking, being lost and found
• Body Signals: physiological changes, healing shifts, and states of being
• Chemical composition, found ecology and structure
• Affinity, attraction and synchronicity
• Accessing our dreams and altered states of feeling
• How to become your own interpreter.
• Selecting the right stone for you and how to receive profound transmissions of healing.


The course includes a 90 minute audio class with slideshow, an in-depth handout and an accompanying guided meditation (closed captioning available for accessibility)
PLUS bonus content:

a guide to making stone elixirs with an ancient Chinese prescription for creating powerful stone formulas

a resource list for sourcing sustainable stones and books to continue learning

and a sample Ben Cao sheet to get you started on creating your own stone information library.


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