Holiday Magic + Medicine Making

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Infuse your holiday time with herbal mysticism + the earth magic

Underneath the fresh snow or cheerfully stored in winter cupboards is a whole apothecary of medicinal merriment and vibrant delight. Whether you adore the holidays, or simply wish to connect more deeply with the earth in this time of quiet magic, this class will reinvigorate the sparkly medicine of this season with Yuletide herbcraft and earth magic. Infused with story and lore, we’ll explore the historical mysticism of this time and meet a rich treasure trove of wintertime medicines.

  • Learn how to concoct a cupboard full of holiday treats, libations and gifts
  • Meet a line up of this season’s most magical herbs, including: pine, sassafras, hawthorn, chaga + more
  • Explore evergreen medicine and a meditation to connect into wonder
  • Learn how to make herbal teas, decoctions, infused honeys, cordials, syrups + more


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The Course includes…
  • A 1 hr 40 min class recording + transcript
  • A guided meditation
  • Recipe book for all the concoctions covered in the course (plus extra herbs not covered in the audio class)
  • Two bonus PDFs: Stones for Solstice + Yulecraft and Seasonal Ritual
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