Multidimensional Vaginal Healing

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Explore the incredible dimensions of vaginal healing

There is a great awakening happening on our earth, beginning with the places in our bodies we’ve most often been told to ignore— our vaginas. Like the sacred caves of the neolithic whose insides were inscribed with vulvas, our vaginas are places where transformational energy can be birthed into the world. And for many, the reawakening of this power begins with the most unlikely of messengers – vaginal imbalances. Yeast infections, UTIs, vaginitis, vulvodynia and other such conditions affect millions of people. They are frustrating, painful and sometimes debilitating, and they are all also agents of profound healing.  Taught from over a decade of experience, this course is an invitation to come into communion with the portal and oracle we call the pussy, and reclaim your power.

    • Meet the herbs and stones that can help you to heal on a multidimensional level.


    • Look at emergent research on the vagina-brain connection and how this root of our body affects our consciousness itself


    • Be able to speak to your pussy like an oracle


    • Understand the link between ancestral trauma and vaginal health


  • Introduction to pussy massage, vaginal steaming, and flower essences for root healing

The class includes a 100 minute audio lesson, a PDF handout and a guided meditation to help you connect to this portal.

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