Herbs for the Heartgate

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An online class that explores the true nature of our hearts as organs of perception, awareness, and magic.

Explore the herbal allies who can help us tend our hearts, learning how to nurture, protect, open and understand these most potent portals. Inlaid with recipes, exercises and meditations, this course is a gateway unto itself. When we learn how to tend our hearts, we can swing open the door to whole new eras of serenity, self-love, and healing.

  • How shifting from brain into heart can literally save your life (and massively reduce your stress levels)
  • Tools and allies for empaths, sensitives, and those navigating this grief-laden epoch
  • Methods for connecting into your truth and perceiving clarity in relationships
  • Ways to open a deep and direct connection to the plants
  • Grounded information based on current scientific research as well as the ancient system of Chinese medicine
  • How to experience more magic, possibility and connection in the world through healing our hearts
  • Herbal recipes for opening psychedelic heart space and nourishing joy
The class includes a 70 minute audio class recording, a PDF with five in-depth materia medica and accompanying plant medicine recipes, a vocal exercise for plant connection, and two guided meditations (Dropping into your Heart and A Rose Meditation for Perceiving Truth in your Relationship). Sign up now and listen at your leisure.


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