I really, truly loved this course. I completed it, and I can’t wait to go back and do it all over. The course is beautifully presented, the facebook forum was great for connecting with other folks, and the bonus materials were more than I hoped for. A course like this opens you up to so many possible ways of connecting to the green world around us. It really is magical!

This course is life-changing, it opens so many gates. It fits nicely in your life, without any pressure to ‘achieve’ something, but at the end you feel some much more complete (as a being) and connected to yourself and the world around you.

Aline GrasserHaguenau, France
English teacher- Naturopath in training

I liked how it integrates all dimensions of existence. Art, contemplation, alchemy, worlds, plants, senses, magic. Teachings that can be applied to every single moment in life. I am constantly thinking about tuning into to plants, birds and sky and I am constantly singing when I am outside. I feel permission to connect all the time. Also, I can sense when I am not all there because my connection with the plants is not that strong. I now know that this is time for me to recharge and give myself love. On the other side I can tell when I am fully there and I can provide love, because my connection with the plants is strong.

Allan Campbell-Naya • Wageningen, Netherlands
Writer, Drawer, Earth Wanderer & Environmental IT Consultant

Asia, you are authentic and relatable. You gained my trust instantly through the confidence and balance delivered with your messages. You are so genuine, compassionate and composed and created a very safe comfortable space. I felt that if at any point I had the most outrageous, crazy question or experience, you would have addressed it as if it were the most normal thing you’d ever been asked. Thank you for all of this.  I actually shared this session with a friend and my mom, both of which signed up. This course was exceptional in every way and so of course I would recommend it again and again.

You have such a gift! For years I’ve been trying to walk between the worlds of the “Woo” and “regular” life. It feels a lot of times they are at odds. I also grew up in a scientific household and majored in sciences in college. So I have both in me super strongly and want to be able to speak about my energetic and spiritual experiences in grounded, everyday language as to not alienate those who don’t get it. I appreciate how you do this really fluidly and easily. It makes you super accessible, which is what I think more of us healers, witches, and spiritual ones need to be doing in order to bring the human race together!

Amy Terepka • Portland, OR
Bodyworker – Herbalist

I wish I could’ve put a !!!! after the YES this was a good value for the price. I could not get over how much content and experience was included in this course! It was all that I’d hoped it would be, and I don’t believe that there’s anything else quite like it out there, and with this level of instruction.

Angel Sullivan • Central Florida, USA
IT Team Lead

I feel my entire method of engaging with myself and my world, both the physical world and the energetic spaces, has been transformed. Asia’s concrete explanation of the abstract and soft, subtle elements of who and what we are is brilliant, accessible and when put into motion, life-shifting. I am so grateful for asia and the team for the love-filled opportunities shared through One Willow. I am a different human ‘being’ today than I was a year ago. The learning experiences I’ve had [here] have opened my heart and head up to the possibilities of growth, awareness and expansion on a personal level and the wider level of being in this universe. There really are no good words for what i feel I’ve gained in both awareness and appreciation of these subtle, brilliant energies that surround us.

Angelina Bellebuono • Rutledge, GA
Teacher, Artist & Owner of Oakhaven Farm {goat} Sanctuary

If I should say anything about the price of the course – it’s low. The professionalism in the videos, the meditations, the content, the classes – is superior. And on top of that bonus material. I love that I got all this but I kept thinking that we women a lot of the time underestimate the value of what we produce. And hey – life long access…  Holy smoke what a great gift Asia has created. This is mastery on so many levels but still down to earth and approachable for everybody.

Anna Linder • Rackeby, Sweden
Graphic Artist

This is my very first foray into this content, but it is opening up a whole new world for me. As I prepare to take the next big leap in my journey on becoming a mental health practitioner, I know that the growth I’ve experienced, the knowledge I’ve acquired, and the deepening into my intuition that this course has facilitated will enormously influence my practice as a social worker. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ash FarnanLos Angeles, CA
Graduate Student, Department of Social Welfare, UCLA

This is an incredibly warm and interactive team. I felt supported deeply and the energy brought to the Facebook group only expanded that energy by becoming one of the most interactive fb groups I have ever been part of. I was deeply touched.

Ash-lee Jeanne • Fort Collins, Colorado
Tarot reader and Astrologer

Before this course it was merely wanting to connect and now I do connect. I am able to understand messages in nature and utilize them. I feel so supported by the world around me. I feel like I opened the gate to how I truly was meant to love my life. I am able to use my dreams as portals as well as the shamanic journeys to get deeper insight into life. I can feel my way through so much more. The intuitive voices in my mind are getting louder and more clear everytime I listen to them.

I was shocked at the amount of information for that price. I would have been impressed with half of the content but I was stunned by what I got for the price.

Avery Knott Lilley • San Marcos, TX
Wellness, Intuition and Yoga instructor for adults and children

Asia has made this online course seem like you’re in a lush garden or the forest or a meadow, hanging with her and the plant allies. Living in the city, starved for Green, I felt so fed and nurtured by this program. It’s jam-packed with wisdom, information, humor, and heart. There’s no rush to complete it, just like in Nature.

Barbara SinclairJersey City, NJ
Artist/Writer/Holistic Health Practitioner

Omgoodness. I am forever changed. I have always felt a very deep connection to nature but this course gave me a language, validation and uncovered deeper layers of plant wisdom. I get the deepest sense of an entire plant universe that is wise and ancient and that we are deeply connected to it. I feel more aware of plants as beings now. Entities of energy and light! I feel a deeper relationship to the living world!

Bree Brouillet • Boulder, CO
Assistant, Small space living specialist, Visionary, Artist

If you feel the call to really find pieces of yourself and indulge in plants in the most emotionally effervescent way. If you feel the urge to awaken bits of yourself you forgot about as a child and tune into all the earthly lovely bits that are so gracious to help you. Please listen to that inner tug and go for it.

Bonnie McClendonDeep in the heart of Texas

IPM is an amazing and experiential course. It invites you to create your own experience and develop your personal connection to the plant realms.
I would recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in simply developing a deeper understanding with themselves and the world around them. Asia’s way of teaching is highly supportive and encouraging – she guides you to be your own teacher and is a true being of curiosity and wonder. I am looking forward to continuing the work started in this course & feel it is just the beginning of developing my personal relationship with the plant world.

Brenda HolmesSquamish, BC Canada

Everyone on this journey made it such a warm, welcoming and magical experience. This was what I initially feared I would be missing by taking an online course. I truly felt connected and supported throughout the entire process. I am so grateful for all the work and energy everyone put in. This experience was life changing and everything I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Carly OttersonCalifornia
Energy worker – Vibrational Medicine Maker – Artist

I loved the course! But what really stood out for me where the little details: the online learning environment is beautiful, the print packages are so thoughtful, you can download the transcripts of the meditations. I follow a lot of online courses but with none have I felt so loved and cared for. Thank you!

CharelleThe Netherlands
Dreamworker & Coach for Lightworkers

I am so much more attune to the magic all around me, and love that i have the tools now to share that with my toddler. We sprinkle magic everywhere we go now.

Chantelle Sylvia Skewpeck • Tamborine, Australia
Soap and Cosmetic Artisan

I am big into practicality and follow through, and I felt all of these lessons can really be incorporated into everyday. You don’t need a lot of supplies, you could even do most of this work on a casual walk in a park! It’s amazing learning skills and the means to cultivate your inner world and have it be reflected or seen in the outer world.

Dana Archer • Cork, Ireland
Herbal student and New Mama

Top notch class. Truly. I felt that the class under promised and over delivered on content. Worth every penny. If you are in any way called to take this course..then do. This is your sign to the universe that you are serious about growth and learning and connecting deeper with the natural world.

Dana SteinNashville, TN

I loved it all. Truly. All of the classes were so well organized and prepared. The exploratories and bonuses were so helpful. I just loved learning in such a supportive environment. Asia brought new perspectives to a lot of things I had already known but now feel so much more confident about. Especially being able to explain and pass this info along to others. I loved that this was such an intuitive and personally guided process, versus us having to fit a mold and be told what to do. I was able to move at my own pace and create space for whatever was ready to emerge.

I was worried this would be a beginner only class, but I would recommend this to anyone on the Plant path to deepen and learn.

Deb Accuardi • Mt Hood, OR
Herbalist – Teacher

It is beautiful, and life changing in so many ways. It really helps you dig deep down into yourself, and see who you truly are. I would recommend this course to any one that is having trouble seeing their true self. It’s magical! I feel like I am a completely different person in the best way possible. I am the real me, as I have been all along, but I am more aware of myself, and my surroundings.

Deborah Lee MurphyNew Brunswick, Canada

I found it incredibly nurturing and transforming. I redo the course each year and I get new things out of it each time. I go deeper each time.

Deveon PerrinOlean, NY
Spiritual Artist

I still cannot believe how much value there is for the price for this course. The material seems never-ending and like it will continue to cycle/be cyclical in how I can work with it. It’s an amazing offering.


Emily NesheimPlymouth, MN
A Presence Practitioner

I wasn’t sure I could swing the cost of it, or that it would be worth the investment. BUT IT DEFINITELY WAS! And still is! I also thought I was just searching for answers again in another course about this or that, but this course showed me just how much the answers are in me.

Emma Hershberger • Mountain Rest, SC
Writer & Artist

There is an awareness that I now walk in when I am outdoors. I now notice every growing thing everywhere I go and I feel a deep gratitude and connection to the earth and am seeing the world through more grateful, inspired and loving eyes. This has translated in a deeper awarenesd of the people I encounter Day-to-day with the same gratitude and deeper love for those placed along my path.

Erica Mukes • Lake Forest, CA

Don’t hesitate to sign up. The course has incredible content. The team at One Willow & the FB community built around the course are incredibly inspiring & supportive. It’s a wonderful magical experience.

Frances MumfordDartmoor, Devon, UK

This was the most profound program i have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of courses!) Asia has the ‘magic’ of a born teacher. Each gateway was fascinating and well organized.  The beauty of this course was each gateway built on the next gateway but each gateway could stand alone on its own merit. I have returned to each gateway and am still finding things that I missed the first time. This program has become a part of my life and it is because of Asia’s genius and heartfelt intent to bring us back to the “”real world””. Everyone should take this course. You do not have to be an herbalist or healer. Everyone would benefit by re-connecting with the natural world and looking at plants in a whole different way. This course was spiritually life-changing.

Gigi Casey • Asheville, NC

You have been so real, so honest and vulnerable yourself that is has been a real honour to call you my teacher. I couldn’t imagine a more supportive, knowledgeable and warm tutor.

Gilly Emma Storey • York, UK
Chakradance Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner

Thank you! You have a gift for teaching from a place of ancient wisdom with humility and humor, and helping people to be comfortable with who they are and where they are in their process, no matter what.

Gina M. Puorro • New Hampshire, USA
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Asia is so very wonderful. I have never felt satisfied with a spiritual teacher until studying with Asia. She is so loving and caring toward her students, and that comes though very strongly in all of her materials. It is also so evident that she is the real deal–she has studied the many aspects of Intuitive Plant Medicine for years, and that confidence and depth of understanding contributes to the high quality of her teaching. I can’t wait to continue my studies with Asia.

This class completely changed my life when I took it in 2017. I left a toxic career, began my own Reiki business and made so many life changes. It was a whirlwind and every day I am in awe I am here now. This wouldn’t have happened without taking this course.

Heaether Venetucci – JohnsonRockford, Illinois
Reiki Practitioner

[This] is a unique course — the way it weaves topics together. I know of nothing like it anywhere. I am probably 30 years older than Asia and have been studying intuitive ways of knowing for a long time. Yet her course was one of the most important learning experiences of my life.

H. Coburn • Long Creek, SC

I loved the [third] module – it blew me away and opened up a portal for self-healing. I’m a rational person, an air dominant sign, and while I love mystical things I always question and wonder and believe very much in scientifically backed theories. My husband is a trauma counselor so I have great respect for the field. I was able to access knowledge and learning about my own past and where I’m holding some trauma and wounding and release it FULLY in a way that I’ve not been able to do for five years.

Jamie O’leary • Columbus, OH
Herbalist – Writer – Mom – Early childhood advocate

I loved every moment of this course. I have devoured it’s content, absorbed and practiced and meditated over the material so much so that my dreams are filled with plant medicine. I see my yard differently, and the world, and my days and my health, and the way I play with my children. This course has worked on me like a flower essence, it’s energy flowing into every crack of my life and subtly infusing it with love, bright energy and magic.

Jane Gadbsy • Vancouver Island, Canada

Asia is just amazing. She is kind and gentle and I was so deeply impressed by her ability to show, teach, and trust her practices while remaining humble, intensely knowledgable, and culturally sensitive.

Your class has given me more freedom to open myself up, and shed the perceived “silliness” I once felt in connecting with plants. I have let go of some of the ‘rules’ and am working with instinct and joy, rather than fear of whether I’m doing something right or not.

Jenna Street • Ontario, Canada
Intern Therapist – The Living Institute

I remember how I communicated with pants when I was child, I lived in the nature and spent my days outside, I was allowed to go free and wander. This course really opened these portals for the communication that has always been there but had shut down when I grew, I have started to work to open my perspective and seeing and intuition, and this was great support for my whole being to be who I really am.

Jenni Örn • Finland
Intuitive Herbalist

The course gave me soooo much more than what I paid for. The content is amazing and there is so much of it, and the holding is phenomenal. The course has enabled change my life in so many ways, including very tangible job ways.

I have been a reiki teacher for 20 years, have used shamanic techniques for a long time, and use kinesiology on a daily basis and this course has helped me to come back to basics and recognize the magic in life again. Asia has a wonderful way of clarifying, holding and stripping back to essentials providing a very strong container for integration, sorting and expanding.

Joyce Borgs • Wales, UK
Creator at LifeSpark Healing Arts

I truly loved this course! It changed the whole way I view working with plants, with animals, with humans! When I started out studying herbs I went the traditional Materia Medica route. Not that that was wrong, but this Intuitive Medicine course helped with so much more. I have a new approach to studying herbs then I did before. I now have this connection that looks beyond ” What this herb is good for ” Thank you Thank you for this course.

Joye RhoadsCincinnati, OH

Best teacher I have ever had, hands down. Asia is very balanced in her approach and knows how to offer intuitive material in a sacred, grounded manner, while still being lighthearted. This class was such a value, that it didn’t feel like a purchase, but like a gift. Honestly, all the beautifully filmed and presented material, the relationships formed on the Facebook group, the reading lists…all I can offer is gratitude here. Thank you for your generosity, Asia. Truly.

Kate Norberg

This course meant so much to me and continues to do so. Asia has such a way with words that really brings you right to the soul and the heart. This whole course felt like a ritual, an initiation, an invitation, to my wider self. Asia is an amazing facilitator. For an online course it had so much heart, and she made you feel like you were right there with her in her apothecary.

Kelly Lyons

The way I connect with nature has 100% changed and is now open for continual change. I really feel like I went through a gateway with this course.

Landice Babee

My life has changed dramatically in so many ways. I am connected to the world in a way I didn’t know was possible. I feel a oneness and a wholeness that I didn’t know I was missing but that now feels integral to living. Learning to trust my intuition is becoming easier everyday thanks to IPM. I didn’t know that my intuition could be so on point.

Laura CuffTasmania, Australia
Super Mum

The whole network around the course was so well taken care of! For the course being an online course it didn’t feel like I was doing it all by myself or alone…. I really felt supported and connected.

Laura de Jong • The Netherlands
Artist, ceramicist, adventurist

Despite all of the training that I’ve done in my life; from flower essence trainings to herbal programs, licensed registered nurse and massage practitioner, Permaculture certification, Reiki practitioner,  Anthroposophical work…all of it…Asia is the first person that really opened a portal for me that encouraged all of the gifts that come more naturally to me. In the herbal community there is a great emphasis put on “learning herbal medicine”. However, Intuitive Plant Medicine with Asia Suler was the first time that I felt at ease and confident in my natural gifts and talents. I felt as though my inner knowing was allowed to take center stage…finally. Thank you for this beautiful gift Asia!

Linden Weiss • Connecticut

The first time I felt my plant ally reach out to me was so stunning!! It was a plant I had never heard of before and didn’t even know if it even was a plant (a word popped into my head during the plant ally meditation that I had to look up afterward). This was a HUGE confirmation to me that plants really can communicate with us if we are truly listening!! To have this experience so early in the course excited me so much to see what each new gateway would open for me.

Lisa Fritz • North Carolina, USA

If I had known how much I was to gain from it, the fact it was 8 weeks meant there was time for real change and transformation that sticks! I’ve been on week courses excellent though they were things slipped afterwards here I feel that what I have learnt and accepted is part of me my new way of being in the world and therefore would have paid double. Thank you Asia and your team for making this the best course I’ve been on real or virtual, one that will stay with me for a very long time fingers crossed forever and the pebble you have dropped in the pond will ripple out to all.

Mariette (Maz) HeaneyJersey, Channel Islands, UK
Qi Gong Teacher and Apprentice Plants Woman

A deep thank you. This was a frightening leap and I am happy I took it. I tend to sit on the fence for a long time due to financial worries and self esteem issues. Your warmth, silliness and genuine love helped me off the fence so I could put my feet on the ground.

Margaret Lovas • Pennsylvania

I loved he free spirit of it. I love that there are no general rules, no strict regiments, but that it is up to me and my own intuition to find out what works best for me. It is so empowering to remember that we truly are meant to be creators.

Margit Sramek-OlsenVienna, Austria
The Singing Years

I feel that even though I have gone through all the gateways, I still have so much to explore, which is why I’m glad that I have lifetime access to the course material. I know I will go through this course year after year! Also the printable packets are so beautiful and a wonderful resource to have!

Matthew Douglas HooverBoulder, Colorado
Writer, Artist, Teacher

This course was really a magical gateway. Asia’s generous and open-hearted teachings nurtured me in a way I didn’t know I needed. I felt that the community we created perfectly held space for us to all connect deeply with ourselves and the earth in unexpectedly profound, peaceful, and powerful ways. I had no idea what I was signing up for when I bought the class, but all my illuminations throughout this course just started gleaming like stars in the night sky. I’m so grateful for this journey.

Megan Stillwell • New Jersey
Artist & Entrepreneur

This course was exactly what I needed to begin trusting myself and opening to my own guidance. It is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself ever. The course is so rich and filled with information, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface the first time through. The information learned here will continue to be revisited and guide me along my path.

Meghan ZimmerGolden, Colorado

It is an initiation, it is a revelation. If you feel called to take it, please do! Follow the spark. You’ll find it’s much more than what you might think. It’s full of wisdom and full of heart and with so much practical knowledge. You’ll be so grateful you did.

Melissa KirouacMontreal, Canada
Horticulturist and Artist

I had never learned from someone who had so much trust in the abilities of her students to access their own intuition. With that faith in us and her full support since day one, learning to connect to the plant world was much faster and deeper than I would’ve ever expected. It changed my life. Beyond what she teaches as content, amazing as it is, the biggest gift is the reaffirmation that we are all capable of hearing, seeing and understanding the messages that we are constantly receiving from the natural world, yet we don’t tend to believe or trust. I can honestly say it is one of the most treasured teachings I’ve received, because a door that I was just daring to peek through, has now opened wide.

Paula Pijoan • Baja California, Mexico
Nature Connection + Forest Bathing Guide

The organization was really impressive, felt so cohesive and natural to flow from week to week. I said to my partner in the second week that the course felt more robust and well thought out than many college and graduate school courses I’ve taken an I stand by that!

Rachel Allen • New Hampshire, USA
Nurse Practitioner (Sexual, Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health)

What I notice the most is I see the world in a whole new light. When I go on walks now I can scan the area and feel the love from the plants and flowers. I stop to connect more often instead of hurrying by. It feels like a true gift to connect that deeply so often. It brought back a sense of wonderment to the world and that lifts my heart so much!” I’ve already recommended it! I will sing this courses praises! Taking this course changed how I connect with my life and the world around me and I would want that for everyone I know. Life feels more magical and I think it would heal the world if more people felt connected to nature in the way you learn to in this course.

Rachel Germann

I trust in my ability and feel so empowered! I now understand that my unique, individual connection with each manifestation of Spirit is perfect and pristine, and by consciously opening the door, more and more messages, synchronicities and insights are presented to me in such fun, exciting ways!

Romany Pope • Brooklyn, NY
Yoga Practitioner & Intuitive Healer

I’ve been a gardener (professionally) and working with plants for a long time, but this class gave me FULL PERMISSION to connect with them and understand the nature of their personalities in ways I’ve just never been able to before. And I truly get now that they are wanting to connect with me.

More than any big sweeping changes I’ve simply learned that my journey is my journey.  (Simply- hah! What a big lesson that is!) At first I had been reading about others experiences and wondering why/if mine would resemble those. Slowly, with Asia’s guidance and the support of the Facebook crew, I realized that so many of us get caught up in comparisons and the desire for something to be a certain way. But that really, the beauty comes from simply letting it be our own story. So although the tenor of my intuition doesn’t include hearing the flowers sing to me per say, it also doesn’t matter because what I’m experiencing is mine. And the process of gently learning to not judge and just listen to my own desires as well as to make time to quietly observe eve is exactly what I needed to learn.

Sarah Hilts McKelvey • Bradford, VT
Spanish Teacher – Loving Mama

I really loved Asia’s approach and personality. I didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed to do things a certain way or at a certain pace. She wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and I felt she was genuinely thoughtful and accepting to all of the beautiful people who came together in this course.

This is one of the most thorough and comprehensive plant communication courses I have ever taken. There is a beauty and sensitivity associated with this course that draws the student in….developing creativity, intuition and trust of Plant Spirit Communication.

The class is so thorough with boundless information. The website is beautiful and I love the format of video, meditation, and printable PDF worksheets. The community is incredible and so supportive. I loved taking this class!

Stephanie Gunther • Brooklyn, NY
Musician – Writer & Co-Creator of The Twelve Month Aura Project

I am calmer and more aware of EVERY living thing around me now. I notice plants, flowers and trees everywhere I go now. I feel I have always been very intuitive but never trusted myself enough to listen..this course taught me that I am worthy, I am magical and I am my own medicine. I trust and listen to my intuition and know that it is my True Voice and is worthy of being heeded.

Teresa Fleming • Gilbert, SC
I am an Autumn-loving empath, hippie-chic, Tolkien Fanatic, total “Potterhead”, hoopdancer, wanna-be gardener, aspiring Wise Woman/Green Witch, kickboxing kettle “belle”, yogini-in-training and perpetual student of life 

I was never able to meditate before. My mind always just raced away on its own. But now I am able to meditate, not for long periods yet but practice, patience, and most of all the techniques given here have made all the difference.

Tina HaddixNorth Carolina

This is the start of a wonderful journey. Read, Listen, complete exercises and most important let the teachings flow through you, practice, practice, practice. Every gateway will open the wondrous reality of being.

Topistar J. NgambonaNairobi, Kenya
Certified Accountant

I think Asia is the most wonderful, wise, and kind teacher. The course was very well structured and packed with valuable teachings and medicine.  I am grateful to have had a chance of learning from Asia and will value and use this knowledge for life. Thank You for facilitating this course superbly and stirring my wonder and interest in the Plant Medicine.

Vanja Vukelic • Toronto, Canada

Your course broke my heart wide open, in the best way possible. I have a deep trust that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Thank you for your gifts!

Trinity Heart • Mendocino, CA
Psychotherapist – Aspiring Nutrition Consultant