July 23, 2020What Brings You Alive?

  I had been walking for hours with a pack that was heavy as stones. My knees felt like they never wanted to bend again, and my toes had begun to bruise. Backpacking into the heart of the wilderness, at one point I took a wrong turn and ended up having to backtrack for miles.

  When I was little and couldn’t sleep I’d go sit on a particular step on the stairs. After what felt like hours of tossing and turning, I’d sneak out of my room to sit and secretly listen to my parents watching tv. I still remember the feeling I had in my chest whenever I

June 18, 2020Reweaving Our Destiny

  There are three women sitting at the base of a tree so wide and deep, you can’t see where the trunk ends, and the branches begin. The three women are weaving. One spins the thread. One measures. One cuts the strings. What they are weaving is our collective fate, and each one of us

May 26, 2020Is This An Awakening?

  I was curled up into myself like a leaf. My whole body hurt, and my brain felt like a helicopter that couldn’t land. It was the very beginning of spring and I felt hopeless. I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease the previous fall and had spent the whole winter trying, unsuccessfully, to heal.

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[wool-gath-er-ing] v.

daydreaming, the gathering of thoughts and dreams as one might collect fallen tufts of wool

[wild-craft-ing] v.

the harvesting of herb, root, flower or inspiration from the wilds

Asia Suler
is a writer, teacher, medicine maker and seeker who lives in the blue folds of the southern Appalachian mountains. Woolgathering and Wildcrafting is her grass-stained journal from the hillsides of the living world. It’s full of recipes, musings, plant monographs and poetics. So grab a cup of tea and come on in for a spell. Open up to a page in this shared tome to find a hand-pressed flower, words of comfort, or a small glen of inspiration for your day. Visit Asia’s online classes for more.

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