A month ago I got a new rattle in the mail. A natural gourd painted with running horses, the rattle seemed like the perfect companion to take with me on my upcoming heritage trip to Europe. Like drums, rattles can help deepen the trance states needed for shamanic journeying. After unpacking, I decided to

  One day, when I was in the midst of Lyme disease, I experienced a shamanic journey that changed my life. I had gone into the journey to understand more about my illness but ended up meeting a part of myself I never knew existed. I still remember the moment when the drumming began. I

February 27, 2020You Are An Oracle

  As impossible as it sounds— spring is already budding out here in the mountains. The vanilla of the snowdrop’s blossoms are melting and the crocuses have begun singing loudly from the lawn. The breeze is easeful, like a warm hand resting in the nook of your back. There is a soft persistence to these

  As an empath, one of my biggest concerns in starting my business was that I was simply too sensitive to be an entrepreneur. I regularly felt depleted at events, I was nearly always overwhelmed by my inbox and I took every comment on social media to heart. When things got hard, I often found

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[wool-gath-er-ing] v.

daydreaming, the gathering of thoughts and dreams as one might collect fallen tufts of wool

[wild-craft-ing] v.

the harvesting of herb, root, flower or inspiration from the wilds

Asia Suler
is a writer, teacher, medicine maker and seeker who lives in the blue folds of the southern Appalachian mountains. Woolgathering and Wildcrafting is her grass-stained journal from the hillsides of the living world. It’s full of recipes, musings, plant monographs and poetics. So grab a cup of tea and come on in for a spell. Open up to a page in this shared tome to find a hand-pressed flower, words of comfort, or a small glen of inspiration for your day. Visit Asia’s online classes for more.

Paths through the Wood

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