Your Business is your Spirit Guide

The early morning frost crunched underfoot as I climbed up the hill. I puffed past the sleeping rhododendrons until I reached the overlook. Every morning I came up here—jacket slung over my nightgown— to speak my gratitudes aloud before I started my day. This particular morning my stomach was churning. Today, I was officially…

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A Reading for 2022

A great plain stretches as far as your eye can see. It is vast, rippling like the coat of a golden-colored horse, and full of open possibility. Fly up and you can peer far into the distance— farther than you’ve ever seen. Float down, and you will see more intricacy. Nestled in the grass, delicate…

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Woman touching huge balanced rock in forest

Ancestral Stone Medicine

No matter where you walk in this world, you are surrounded by powerful elders— the stones. Stones are our most ancient ancestors. They are the minerals that form the soil and the basis of our bones. Their points, blades and paints are what made our lives possible as humans. Whenever you feel cut off…

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The Call to Pilgrimage

Last week the fall winds arrived. They came in a great gust on the equinox, turning the leaves upside down and silver. By nightfall the humidity of summer had dropped away, and the first truly cold evening of the season made the stars sharpen. Every year the winds of autumn usher in the same longing…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

Try Being Curious

The new year has dawned like a thaw. These first few days of the year have always felt like a special, liminal space to me. A crack in the long ice of winter, a small window to bask in the glow of self-reflection and nuturement. A kind of hot spring for the soul in the…

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Belonging to Wilderness

Land of desertscape and amber-scented pine. Canyons carved by rain and meadows lit by flower and fire. In the Gila of New Mexico, deep wilderness still exists. Named for the river that gathers its headwaters in the heart of its land, The Gila is home to the first designated wilderness area ever set aside…

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Real Witches See Possibility

I stood before the old cabin with a stone in one hand and the wind in the other. In winter the trees on this land shiver to bareness and the old structures become visible once more. With so much openness the wind whistles clear through the quiet forests, and the old stories return….

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