Is This Your New Beginning?

We’re in a “beginning time” right now. Some days I’m not even entirely sure what that means, but I can feel it. The other side of the pandemic. The other side of a passage we can’t quite name yet. The other side of a huge multi-year, multi-layered transformation for our spirits.  I took my daughter to the pool for…

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You *are* the Oracle

Have you ever picked a tarot card only to have it confirm what you already knew? Or consulted an intuitive and realized that all you really needed was affirmation that you could trust what you were feeling? Looking back at all the major turning points in your life… can you sense the part of you…

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A Reading for 2023

Every winter, before the new year peeks over the hill, I take some time to tune into the Earth and ask… what’s coming up for us in this new year? I drop into my intuitive connection and the invisible wisdom we all have access to, and find out… What blessings can we expect? What challenges are here to help us grow? What guidance…

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The Forgotten Celtic Omen Days

I’ve always thought there was something special about the days between Christmas and the New Year. The weeks leading up to Solstice are, of course, full of magic—especially when the celebrations are steeped in the earth’s rhythms, herbcraft and mystical lore. But there’s a distinct magic to the week following. The days between Christmas and the start of the…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

One Hour Can Change Your Life

So many of us walk about our days with the distinct sense that something is waiting to be born through us. A creation that has our name on it, and simply won’t settle for anyone else. Whether it’s a garden, a book, a business, a meditation practice or a newly renovated kitchen, inspiration takes…

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How to Start Your Healing Business

Over the years my healing practice has slowly shapeshifted. As I learn more I expand my modalities, fine tune my particular playlist of offerings and figure out what really works for me and my clients (versus what is just kinda lackluster). When I first started I knew that folks would be interested in healing with…

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