Woman touching huge balanced rock in forest

Ancestral Stone Medicine

No matter where you walk in this world, you are surrounded by powerful elders— the stones. Stones are our most ancient ancestors. They are the minerals that form the soil and the basis of our bones. Their points, blades and paints are what made our lives possible as humans. Whenever you feel cut off…

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The Call to Pilgrimage

Last week the fall winds arrived. They came in a great gust on the equinox, turning the leaves upside down and silver. By nightfall the humidity of summer had dropped away, and the first truly cold evening of the season made the stars sharpen. Every year the winds of autumn usher in the same longing…

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Dealing with Summertime Sadness

Summer has its own darkness. Thunderstorms, closed canopies, forests cast in shadow. Twilight woodlands where mushrooms bloom. For all its long hours of light, summer is a very literally dark time in my house. Built in the middle of a forested grove, every year my home becomes a deeply shaded cave during the summer months….

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Most Beloved Blogposts

The End Before the Beginning

Marked by the longest nights of the year, the solstice season has always been defined by a profound pause. In Latin, the word “Solstice” translates as “sun stays still.”  If you watch the sunrise on the days around the Solstice, it appears as if the sun is halted in one place on the horizon….

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Your Christmas Tree Is Medicine

When I was a kid, every year my family and I would go to a local farm to cut down our Christmas tree. It was always one of the most exciting days of the year. Living in Eastern Pennsylvania, by December it was truly cold in our neck of the woods. Bundled in woolens…

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The Holidays & Why I Believe in Magic

These days I’m part of a community that largely does not celebrate the holidays or, more generally, questions the season as a cause for celebration at all. I often find myself defending my fierce love of Christmas (which was the holiday my family chose to celebrate growing up). Fumbling over words, I try to…

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