February 15, 2018Tending the Heartgate

  The heart is not just a mindless muscle. Nor is it the simple stuff of greeting cards or blockbuster movies or even cardiology exams. In truth, the heart is a gate. And what lies beyond, and within, is the ability to access real magic. Many different medicine systems around the world have long recognized

February 2, 2018Embracing Northlight

  As a culture we prize all things brightly illuminated. We cherish the summer and grow bitter in the cold. We electrify our homes to be white as daylight and build with the biggest windows pointing south. But here in the mountains, where old homesteads are short and dark as shiitakes and often set into

  I remember, very clearly, the day I first realized I could eat grass. Another neighborhood kid let me in on the secret. Apparently, there was a kind of grass that tasted like onions, and you could eat it (!) All you had to do was find the tall tufts, the ones that felt round

December 18, 2017The Slow Dark Enchantment

  Real magic takes time… and a lot of it. Like crystals growing in the deep, the biggest miracles often form far beneath the surface, and need a long fertile stretch of darkness before they can come to light. When the possibility of magic is afoot we will often be asked to slow down so

Meet Asia

Asia Suler is a writer, teacher, herbalist and energy worker who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC. She is the creator and concoctress behind One Willow Apothecaries, a small Appalachian-grown business that offers handmade and heartfelt medicine. She is also the muse behind Woolgathering & Wildcrafting, a blog detailing the potent magic of good medicine: plants and dreams, earth skills and developing a deep connection with the land.

Paths of Wonder



  • Herbs for the Heartgate
A new online audio class that explores the true nature of our hearts as organs of perception, awareness, and magic.
Explore the herbal allies who can help you tend your heart, learning how to nurture, protect, open and understand our most potent portals. Inlaid with recipes, exercises and meditations, this course is a gateway unto itself. When we learn how to tend our hearts, we can swing open the door to whole new eras of serenity, self-love, and healing.
The class includes a 70 minute audio lesson, a PDF with five in-depth materia medica and accompanying plant medicine recipes, a vocal exercise for plant connection, and two guided meditations (Dropping into your Heart and A Rose Meditation for Perceiving Truth in your Relationship).
Sign up now and listen at your leisure for only $29. (Link in profile)

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