How to Recognize Magic


Magic is like the wind in spring. It’s all around us, but normally we can’t see it. When I was little I believed in this magic innately. As an adult, however, it took some time for me to really see again. Once I let myself soften into the trust that magic truly is real, though, so many occurrences of beauty, meaning, spine-tingles, and synchronicity began to happen.

That said, sometimes life gets overwhelming and the magic seems to disappear. The to-do list stretches to heaven and there is a back-log of feelings that seem to clog my perception. In those moments it’s as if the shine goes out of life. Often it’s this sense of the loss of magic itself that hits me the hardest.

In these moments, however, I normally just need to remind myself how to recognize magic once more, and I’ll begin to perceive it again. It’s not that the twinkle went away, it’s just that I forgot how to look out of the corner of my eyes to see it.

In my new video guide, I explore all the ways that you can recognize magic is afoot. From tell-tale body signs, to changes in feeling states, and time.

Because sometimes big acts of magic come in and make everything feel better. But most of the time, there are small faery-like possibilities of magic continuing to happen all around us. All we have to do is remember how to recognize them, and we can tap into that twinkle once again.


Want to invite more experiences of magic into your spring? Come join me for my free Opening Earth Intuition class! The first video is available immediately and the short exercise I share with you there will bring such a twinkle to your weekend.

The second video releases on Monday so be sure to sign up before then.
I’ll see you there!




  • Hello, if you have a chance to respond I would love to know what the small pink flower is in the first picture of this post. It is growing all over my yard and I feel like it is calling to me but I haven’t been able to find what it’s name is. I loved hearing you on the Medicine Stories podcast, thanks for all you do.

    • Hi Rebecca! What you are *probably* seeing is Fleabane, a member of the aster or daisy family. If they are little daisy-like looking flowers with very delicate string-like petals that come out pink or purple and then fade to white as the bloomtime goes on, that would be my guess!

  • Hi Asia,
    A friend of mine sent me a pocast you spoke in today from mythical medicine. Your thoughts and imagery resonated deeply…I visited your website. I can without a doubt say, you are a light-filled living fairy!
    (with a bit of the Greek Goddess Artemis mixed in)
    I just felt compelled to tell you.
    I am a mother of three on a new path in life, and new career focus, temporarily pausing fine art to go to garden design or healing garden design or…asking myself and the universe questions like do I need to go back to school or shall I just start working in the garden?
    Saying that, I am interested in signing up for your online course in May feeling like it may open a door.
    Here in the pacific northwest I yearn to connect with the local Native American Indians (there are many tribes) to deepen my relationship with my creative work and to open my perspective on nature and plants. I really love how you have integrated the local native cultures into your work in different ways.
    I have never been to North Carolina, however, my dad was raised there for awhile.
    Thank you for bringing a sense of magic, mystery and beauty into this world, especially now.
    happy spring,

    • What a wonderful compliment Danis, thank you! I’m honored to be connected with you here. Sending love from these mountains.

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