How to Start Your Healing Business

Over the years my healing practice has slowly shapeshifted. As I learn more I expand my modalities, fine tune my particular playlist of offerings and figure out what really works for me and my clients (versus what is just kinda lackluster).

When I first started I knew that folks would be interested in healing with plants and stones, learning how to make medicine and talk to the earth…. but I had no idea that, over time, so much of my practice would revolve around helping people, not just to heal, but to become healers. (Or, more specifically, how to make a livelihood by embodying the healing that is so innate to them)

The most common question I get asked these days is this: How did you start your healing business?

And every time someone asks me this it’s as if a sparkler gets lit inside my heart.

The fact that so many of us are feeling ready to step into the gifts we were meant to bring to this world is a big, bright, waving flag of hope for me.

Acknowledging that you are ready to translate your journey (with all its potholes and dead ends and belly-of-the-whale moments) into an offering for this planet is magnificent in every sense of the word.

And make no mistake, this world desperately needs the medicine of your particular journey.


Our lives, and everything that happens within them, are like one large, expertly designed, master’s program. All of the expertise that we are meant to bring to this earth is being taught to us through the program of our particular journey of trials, triumphs and tribulations.

The course that you signed up for is utterly unique. It’s designed to make you an absolute expert in your field. And the diploma that you are receiving is one that no one else in the world is meant to achieve.

Namely, you are here to learn how to be your self (this self that you’ve been handed in this lifetime) and how to share that self with the world.

Starting a healing business is about sharing your innate self with the world, and trusting that who you are and what you’ve learned so far contains healing for others.

Beginning a business is like realizing you know enough (about yourself and your journey) to become a T.A. in the classroom of life, passing on what helped you to learn so others can move more fluidly in their own coursework.


People always ask me about the nuts and bolts of running a business, like — how did you create your website? Or do you need certain certifications to sell medicine? These are worthy questions, but most of them are pretty answer-able with a quick google search.

It’s usually the questions that folks don’t think to ask, that contain the answers they truly seek. These are the very same questions I never knew to ask, and so they are the kind of answers I like to give now.

A lot of my work entails me leaning back into my own past to speak to the younger versions of myself: What did I most need to hear when I started my journey? What are the hard-earned wisdoms I know now that would have changed everything if I had heard them then?

So I made this new video about growing a healing business as a direct letter to my younger self, and an offering for all of you who are looking to get started too.


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Check out the video to tune into my top three unconventional tips (and mental reframes) to help you create the vibrant healing business you were meant to birth in this world.

Because this world is waiting for you to share the gift that is your self and all the healing that you innately bring, just by being you.

And if you are ready to create the heartfelt healing business of your dreams, I would love to support you in my online program: Business as a Spiritual Journey. The course, which is specifically designed to help all my fellow empaths and highly sensitives, is designed to be like a year’s worth of personal sessions… all combined in one powerful five week program.