Intuition Lives in the Earth


Every year that I’ve opened this course, I’ve seen powerful magic happen. People hearing messages from the trees. Affirmations from a winged one that brings tears. A sign from the living world that shifts your whole life into perspective.

I used to think intuition was an ethereal thing— available to only a few, and more connected to the upper realms than the ground beneath our feet. But now I know there is a much wider truth.

Intuition is everyone’s birthright, and it lives within the Earth.

The sentience of the living world is always reaching out to us to share guidance.

You already know how to talk to the trees and creeks— this gentle course is just here to help you remember.

The living world is carrying a message of healing for your spirit. This four-part course was designed to help you hear it.

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I first discovered the tools I share in this course when I was moving through a really hard time in my life— deep in the trenches of chronic pain and illness. Unsurprisingly, these same practices have again become pillars for me during this past year.

When the days feels too hard, I turn to these exercises. When I’m tired, I find strength in these simple earth-tuned practices. When I’m worried about the future, I ground into the Earth and always hear the same message. You are held. We are in this together. Everything is headed in the right direction.
I hadn’t planned on releasing this course again this year. But after getting so many emails asking us to reopen the program, I realized that this gentle gateway was exactly what we all need right now. Myself included.

Because if there’s one lesson I’m taking out of this momentous year, it is that the Earth wants to help us harness our intuition and learn to speak with the natural world. Because this is where all true healing begins.