Past Life Herbal Work

Belief in reincarnation was common throughout the ancient world. It is found in the oral tradition of many tribal societies, including the cultures of Siberia, Greece, the Celtic Druids as well as many peoples in Western Africa, North America and Australia. Reincarnation is a central tenant to many world religions including Hinduism, Jainisim, Buddhism, Taoism, ancient Kabbalistic Judaism, and certain sects of early Christianity.

Take joy in exploring your multi-hued self!

Interested in going deeper? Check out light-hearted video guide to exploring the lake of time.  Connect with the herbal realm to access other lifetimes + imaginative aspects of your inner self.




  • I am familiar with past life regression and working in that aspect to remember your past lives, but past life herbal work is a new concept for me. I have done some work researching and exploring the cultures that I believe were a part of my past life, but I have never gone so far as to research the plants. I am very intrigued by this new concept and would love to learn more about it.

  • Beautiful words! Thank you so much for sharing. This kind of revelation gives me chills, and is such an ignition of such wonder. I agree completely– life is such a profound process of re-membering. I am grateful simply to be here, re-discovering it all again!

  • this is superlatively interesting to me, as i’ve always felt that i have connections to plants that are inexplicable by the bare facts of this lifetime. and when i have traveled to europe, especially the UK but also eastern-central europe, i’ve been able to identify correctly plants i have not seen until that point. i remember reading about certain herbs and trees as a child in old books, and i *knew* what they looked like even though they did not grow in my garden or countryside. i *knew* what could be eaten safely and what could not. i never needed to be taught how to harvest, dry, decoct or infuse or tincture in any conscious way; it was as if i simply remembered it.

    whether it is the result of past lives, or of ancestral patterns coming down in my very DNA, there is definitely a kind of knowing that exists for me (and doubtless many others) outside of the ‘normal’ range of acquired knowledge. which, as i said, feels more like a remembering than a learning…

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