The Earth Needs Your Power


Right now we are entering an era of real power. Not corporate power or oil power, but the power of something that is much older and much more potent. In a time when we hear news from every corner of the globe, it’s easy to see the hurts of the world and feel powerless. But for all the bigness of what we are experiencing on the planet right now, there is a force inside of us that is just as large. Today, we are witnessing the rise of the oldest powers on Earth— fire, water and soul— and we are being asked to join the rising by bringing the one true gift we have to offer— our own power.

Power is a fraught word in our culture. We hear the word power and we think of profit-minded politicians, corporations that don’t care an ounce for the environment or a machine crunching its way over delicate soil. But the truth is that none of these things are truly powerful. To be powerful is to be enduring… and we all know that each one of these deviations are already on their way out.

So, what is power? Power is the stream of life that moves through us. It is the grace of the larger forces that animate us and the steady wisdom of our wider selves. True power comes when we connect into the unbelievably bright light of who we are and act as channels, bringing that light to this world. Real power— like the ocean, the mountain, the sun or our souls— is that which endures. Humans, for all our foibles, are deeply enduring creatures. We are still here because we have an energy all our own to give, and the Earth is asking us to bring that power to the forefront now.



For years I had digestive issues that I couldn’t figure out. I did all the elimination diets, the bitters, the teas, the ferments and probiotics, but I still got tummy aches all the time. Then, one day, I sat with a traditional Irish healer who put her hands over my solar plexus and told me simply, “you don’t feel safe in your power.”

It was like replacing a light bulb that burnt out a long time ago. Suddenly, everything was clear. I realized the generator that powers my body, turning food into fuel, wasn’t functioning properly because I didn’t feel safe to turn it on. I figured if I worked at half capacity, if I downplayed my gifts, if I made myself just a wee bit smaller, I would stay safe and cared for. But the reality was that I felt frustrated on a daily basis. I was constantly busy and yet unfulfilled. I knew there was something waiting for me in life, but I couldn’t grasp it. We often can’t see what’s right in front of us if we are in the dark, and nothing is darker than an inner power outage.

So every day I held two hands over my solar plexus and said “I am safe to be in my power.” I brought in herbs to inspire me and cultivated practices that helped me feel my own light, and everything shifted. The power inside me came back on board and  the way forward was no longer lost in darkness, but lit by a light that I knew I could follow forever. I stopped being scared to put my whole self out there. I stopped being afraid to write, to post, to share. I stopped worrying what people would think if I spoke with the fullness of my voice— and my destiny began.



In shamanism, it’s said that a person gets ill when they’ve lost their power. If your eyes are open, you know our world is in need of a healing even more deeply than I was on that day the Irish healer waved her hands over me. But what if the sickness the Earth is experiencing now is not coming from some central defect in us humans, but from all the true, earth-given power within us that we have so consistently been subverting?

I believe that everyone who is here on earth brings an utterly precious gift to help turn the tide. You don’t have to do anything radical to access this gift, you just have to be yourself. Our selves, whole and true, are immense and incandescent. They are torches, waiting to be lit like a signal fire. The moment you ignite your power, the next person on that dark hill will see the glow and know it’s time to light theirs. This is how the change begins. It starts with you and a match and the willingness to channel the fullness of who you are.

If you have a feeling that something bigger and brighter is just waiting to move through you in this life, I have created a *brand new class* to help you channel this light. Herbs for Personal Power is an online course that is an experience in retrieving your essence and re-finding your purpose here on Earth. Creating it, and living it, has helped me immensely, and I am so honored to share it with you. The class includes a once-in-a-lifetime live recording from one of the most powerful classes I’ve ever taught, plus 30+ pages of PDFs and a profound guided meditation that is already a favorite here on the One Willow team.


I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your power was especially designed to change our world. And I know that we meant to do this together. So, I’ll light my signal fire, if you light yours, and let’s spark a revolution together.