You’re Here to Be a Channel


I used to think that channeling was a special, esoteric talent— reserved for only a select few. Then I realized that we are all channeling, all the time. When you sit by a waterfall and feel it rush through you. Or hold a flower and sense sunlight pouring into you. Or when you lean your heart against a tree and know, if even for a moment, how solid the world’s love is.

If you’ve ever had a moment where you knew exactly the right words of comfort for a friend. Or hummed a spontaneous melody and felt the ancientness of the tune. Or had strength gather in you like a wave right before you took a big leap of faith… then you’ve channeled.

The truth is, we’re all channels, intimately interconnected with the greater sentience of the world. On a very literal level, the molecules that make up your body are part of the great sea of exchange on this planet. You are pollen, you are sea breeze, you are whale song. And you have the ability to tap into the myriad of voices that make up our planet to bring great wisdom to the whole.

Have you been curious about how to start channeling? Check out my new video to learn how to begin channeling and usher in a new era of spiritual connection and creative expansion for yourself, and the Earth.


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The Earth wants us to learn how to be conscious channels. Because when we can tap into the voices of wisdom and benevolence that live here, we can bring in valuable information, helping to shift the tides of our world.

In my new course Writing the Earth’s Voice you’ll be guided to make a direct connection with the sentient guides of the natural world. You’ll learn how to receive messages from nature— for both your own personal healing and the Earth’s. You’ll also learn how to undertake a shamanic journey to the middle world, tap into your abilities as an earth oracle and understand the unique part you’re here play in the Earth’s evolution.

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My book Mirrors in the Earth was written from this place of channeled connection, and comes with a core message from the Earth— who you are is inherently precious to this world. And your journey of learning self-compassion is a force of ecological healing for this planet.

Preorder Mirrors in the Earth today and recognize yourself as someone who is a force of healing on this Earth.



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